Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a few things on my mind these days...

* This morning we went to school and met Charley's teacher.  It was ALL.  GOOD.  I wrote a check so he has some lunch money.  We saw where his locker is.  I didn't pull out my camera...kind of proud of myself.  Just livin' in the the moment.

*As we get in the car the last couple days I get sick to my stomach when I buckle Henry.  I look at him and how distracted he always is with his brother.  And I think, in less than a week, his little life is going to change.  It will be good - eventually, but at first his little world is going to be rocked.  Gearing up for some good one on one time with the little guy.

*There's a little Green and Gold time coming up in our near future.  Miss Syd will hang out with my mom but the rest of us will be cheering on the Pack!  The boys will love it.  My camera will be clickin' up a storm.

*It is raining today.  And it is just what I needed to get the laundry done and the packing finished.  I considered yesterday as Charley's last free day of summer because I knew we would be stuck at home today packing for our last summer road trip.  So today is his last lazy day at home. 

*The end of our summer seemed so overwhelming a few weeks ago when I was telling friends about all that we had going on.  But now as we are down to the last couple days...I have LOVED the fun and the choices.  We have slipped in friend time and the distraction of travel was wonderful for this time of the summer.  I think I will plan on doing something similar next summer.  As the boys are kind of done with the parks and the biking and the sprinklers.  They are fighting over the tiniest Lego pieces and can't keep their hands off each other.  So venturing out into the world has been perfect.

*Any locals hitting the farmer's market on Sunday.  I would love another big bunch or 10 of basil.  But we won't be here.  Let me know if you would consider picking some up.  I will even make you a couple containers of pesto for your freezer. 

*Sydney is now eating breakfast and dinner.  She opens her mouth and enjoys each bite. 

*Do you think I could host a wedding in our backyard...a dance in our cul de sac?  Haha!  We have been asked.  I guess I would have to do a little bit more with our flower bed up front.  The question was all in fun...I think.

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CanadianMama said...

It's raining here today too and while I'm happy to get some baking done I'm so sad summer is coming to an end!

That is a great family photo! How did you get everyone to smile so nicely! that never works in our house!!


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