Friday, August 5, 2011

Sydney vs. Avocados

Day 5 of the solid food journey.
The face off was between Sydney and the avocado.
I think both had winning moments.
And I should be honest and throw mama into the face off because I think I was using some skill and some strategy with my offensive and defensive moves.

Night one...rice cereal - no luck.
Night two-four....bananas - not much better.
Night five...avocados....and she opened up, and some went down, and her grunts weren't from disgust but rather - give me more.

Below you see her saying,
"Who needs a spoon?  Just give me the dang bowl already."
Yesterday I pondered some jars of store bought baby food.
But then realized, we are all good with a single banana, a single avocado...and I grabbed a bag of frozen peas.  The farmer's market will get hit up on Sunday and the pureeing and ice cube trays will be in business. 

I seriously can not get enough of this little girl. 
I am just loving up EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.
Number three is worth it.
You are pure joy pretty girl!  Even when you are covered in green goop.


Danifred said...

Even covered in green goo, she's a doll.

jessica said...

I see we will have to share our guacamole with our sweet Sydney in a couple of years! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I make most of Ryan's baby food. It's fun to see what he likes...and so far he likes everything. Try this one - puree banana and avocado. Sounds gross? It is delicious! I even liked it (I ate a spoonful or two) and Ryan devoured it. This morning he had pureed pears and kiwi. I've never seen a baby open his mouth so wide for more! Don't worry about those tiny black kiwi seeds...they come out later. :)

Jessica said...

Great pictures. So fun when they start eating solids. JG


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