Monday, August 1, 2011

Sydney and her ducky tub...

The "Ducky Tub" is a tradition at the cottage.
Grandma Barb brought it when Charley was born.
Charley used it.
Henry used it.
Eli used it.
And now little Miss Sydney used it. 

It quacks.
It makes little ones happy at bath time.
It is easy to deflate and travel with. 
It cleans up easily. 

It is so comfortable for a beginning sitter..that we are now going to switch to it at home.

Most importantly,
it does the job of getting these little people clean. 
After fun days being tossed from one person to the next...some just coming off the lake from fishing.  Some just playing in the sand.  Some just finishing a bowl of Cheetos or oreos...
All anxious to get their baby fix by giving the littlest some cuddles and smudges.
This tub has done the job of getting our precious wee ones clean over the years. 
And this year it once again was used and loved. 

1 comment:

Raina and Andy said...

tooooooo cute. she really was ALL week. RR


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