Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Wednesday wonderings...

It is not everyday that my boys sleep until 7am.
It is not everyday that we have no where to be.
It is not everyday when Henry gets out a tub of legos and plays contently on his own...
While his big brother lounges on the guest room bed playing Angry Birds on his own...and there is peace because no one needs to share.
It is not every morning that things just flow smooth...Sydney naps, the kitchen is clean...and the laundry is still calling my name.

August is here.
And usually I feel like summer is ending.
And I do.
I have our bucket list taunting me...telling me I need to get crackin'. 
So I am pondering a quick zoo trip late this afternoon to see the new penguin exhibit.

We might eat hotdogs everyday this week because it works with our little napper and it allows us to see friends -during the lunch hour because it has to happen for my kids and theirs - and hotdogs are easy.  A frozen pizza doesn't feed everyone.  I suppose peanut butter and jelly works too.

Charley is going to school.  ALL DAY LONG in less than 30 days...or something. and I need to hear from my friends who have done this.  I need to hear that he is going to love it.  And even though it will be hard for Henry and I...that we are going to survive and maybe thrive with a different routine. 
I need to hear that I don't need to overschedule us...because it is this month when my lesson planning bug kicks in and since I don't need to lesson plan or set up a classroom - I start filling up our calendar..signing up for classes and things.  And finding things in our house that can be redecorated.  Maybe our front room...maybe some little nook that just needs a new little something that Ed will shake his head at. 

Our kitchen will look a tad different in a week or two for our local friends.  Maybe that will nip that bug in my butt :)

Our August has moments of home and friends and a few more moments of travel.  Some more adventureous than others.  Could Sydney be flying in the near future ... with just her mama.  Possibly...and that thought is somewhat overwhelming and somewhat exhilerating...I have a daughter and we might have our first girls weekend...leaving the boys to experience a little flag football and more boy stuff. 

August lies ahead of us with great wonder.  Will we complete our bucket list?  Will be absorb these last weeks of summer...will we be ready for the fall that brings big changes?  Oh yes, I have a feeling that we will love up these last few weeks of summer and start to anticipate the new season of school, leaves, apples, and more.  Midwest living allows for new years resolutions to happen seasonly.  

This post is becoming quite really, I need to hear from you friends who have sent your first off to school all day.   It means he is growing up and is going to have a life outside of the one we have built for him.  He is I?

And to keep with the random are a few random shots of my sister and her her family of three.  Loved my time with them last week. 


The Tompkins Family said...

We had peanut butter and jam today. I should be embarrassed to say how often we have it! But hey, we all get fed, right?!

Stacey said...

I spent the evening with a group of moms who also worry about what we feed our kids and other similar topics. We came to the conclusion that we do what is best for our family in the moment. Sometimes that may mean hot dogs all week. Pick your battles. If the reason is because you are making other important memories--the week of hot dogs will be forgotten, but the memories won't be.

And Charley will thrive in all day school. You and the other kids will also survive and get used to the change, and eventually thrive on the new routine too. :)

I read often, but don't comment as much as I should. I'm also a mother of young children and teach preschool in Iowa.

Jennie said...

All day school will be fine. We have all day kindergarten in this next of the woods, so we are 'pros'. It is nice to have the whole day to spend with the little kids without worrying about a pick up time. The kids love being at school, they are busy, busy all day and love seeing so much of their friends.
For us the hardest part was when the big kid comes home from school. She was worn out but the little sister (in our cas) was so anxious to play and see the older sister that there were many hurt feelings. Eventually we got into a new routine and got over that hump.
Enjoy your last few weeks of summer,


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