Thursday, August 11, 2011

My museum reflection

My brother is touring much of Europe researching many amazing museums for his job. He has a blog that he uses to keep us up to date and he uses it also as a place to process his museum he must return and do something with his experience. So when I hit museums with my boys, mostly children's museums, I have to laugh at our experiences and how little actual information gets absorbed. But TONS of fun is always had.

Up north we went to a Northwoods Children's Museum. It has been there for many years but this is the first year that we trekked out to visit it one rainy day. The boys had a good time exploring it with their cousin Eli.

Big Bubbles

Mama was there...

Eli and his eyelashes
Sydney in her stroller

After the the outing Grandma asked Henry what he saw at the museum...he replied, "ummmmm...people." Then she asked what his favorite part was. And Uncle Greg would be EXTREMELY proud when Henry quickly responded...riding the camel....

No, sir, there wasn't a camel at the north woods Children's museum...but, he did have a blast riding this wooden horse type thing...

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