Friday, July 15, 2011

When it pours...

My vision of rainy today was...although, I would not all today just 'a rainy day' because, it was serious rain that poured down on us today. Torrential rains for these parts of the country.

So my vision...late risers because the pitter pat of the rain combined with the dark skies, provide the perfect sleeping circumstances. Well, not for a 3 and 6 year old. They were up and kicking each other in the face before 7:15. And kicked in the face is how I felt first thing this morning. I so badly wanted to roll over and enjoy a rainy morning.

Next, I would hope for my morning latte, pjs all morning, music, a craft, maybe some banana bread baking, a little cartoon or movie watching, an early lunch or a late lunch - all dependent on our mid morning snack.

But not this morning. Today Charley was excited for his "Safety camp" and I was committed to bringing two other gents to the camp. It was to last all day..9-3. Helicopters were expected to land, firetrucks were going to be lined up, hot dogs served for lunch, a new t-shirt...all for the price of ....drum roll...$10! This all sounds fine and dandy...except the skies proved to be ominous and the rain began about 15 minutes before we were expected to leave.

The two boys who I was supposed to drive, because their mom was working, were waiting for me. And because their mom wasn't close to know the sky and Ed wasn't close to know the was left to me to make the decision. This pressure caused me to feel anxious all morning. I held off on picking the boys up...but then decided to go get them and see what was going on over at "safety camp". Because heck, they weren't cancelling it and they would be with firefighters...It was safety camp.  Safety being the key word.

Arriving at the camp we found the other campers in the restroom waiting out the lightning so we stayed put in the van. We sat for almost a half hour and then got a hold of the boys' dad, he had returned home and said to bring his boys home. YES! I finally had someone else helping me to make the call. By 10am we were back home and by 11 they called off the camp.

My point...being a mom is hard work. Deciding what to feed them for breakfast, whether to let them zone out in front of the TV, what snack to let them eat, how to fill the day...and the decisions go on and on and on. But throw in someone else's children, safety, money that has been invested in a day of fun...well the work becomes harder because you can't help wonder if you are making the right decision and if it would be what the other parents would do.

I feel good that I didn't leave the boys in the park restroom with the firefighters. And I am so proud of the three boys to nod their heads in agreement that staying would have been a bit silly and a little scary.

On the ride home I had to drive slow because it was pouring so hard and the water rose up and whoooshed the side of our car and the three boys huddled closely in the backseat were super thrilled with the excitement of the car ride - heck it was kind of like a water ride at an amusement park. And that...made me feel a wee bit better.

Money will be refunded, which is always appreciated...but seeing the large number of firefighters hanging out under the park pavilion, the 5 firetrucks lined up and ready to go, and the hot dogs that must have been ready to go...I think I might have to make sure to donate that $10...because they could have called it at 8:02 by looking at the radar...but they stood out there and gave it a good go. Impressed.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I bet the other parents were glad that you were there to keep the boys safe and dry. :) Sounds like a wonderful event. Hopefully you'll get another shot at it.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I just hate it when the rain ruins an exciting day out. Well to be honest I hate the rain PERIOD. I have lived in Seattle, WA for four year coming this August and I still yearn for my beloved Idaho summer weather. I am trying to teach myself to just get out there and as you put it "give it a good go" even when I know the rain is coming just so I don't jip my kids out of experiences because if we keep on waiting for the sunshine we may NEVER get out. But enough rambling and whining from me. I am supposed to be commenting on your post.
I love the way your wrote this one. I love your description at the beginning about what you wanted the morning to be like because we all know too well that it is exactly what we all wish for as well.


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