Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursdays concoctions...

Yesterday morning in the shade on our deck the boys were scientists...with things like water, vinegar, baking soda, salt, sugar, and some color bathwater tablets.  A good hour was spent mixing, spilling, and concocting concoctions.

This morning I wake up refreshed.  Maybe because I knew that the dishes were washed and wouldn't be a mountain I had to conquer first thing.  Maybe it was the bedroom was open and the air was quite perfect.  Maybe it was that the boys woke up and turned on channel 802 (PBS) all by themselves and I was okay with that because we have a very active and busy day ahead.  Maybe it is just a refreshing sort of day.

But I am showered and ready to brew my latte and sip it while the boys whine over having cereal...but yesterday we had eggs and the dishes are I am only allowing a bowl and spoon to be dirtied this morning.  :)  And my mug of course.

Sydney woke at 6, nursed, and rolled over onto her little belly, snuggled her fingers into her mouth, and drifted off to slumber again.  And since the laundry is all put away - it is kind of fun getting the boys dressed and anticipating what my little Miss will be wearing today. 

Today our concoction will include:
+Charley heads off to park program.
+Syd and Hank will accompany me to roam the aisles of Target in hopes of satisfying groceries finding their way into our cart (and by satisfying ...I mean they will turn into balanced healthy and fulfilling meals) and a new nursing tank.
+Then home for some friend time and a picnic lunch at our kitchen table.
+Swimming lessons continue today.  Henry is turning into a fish and Charley leaves me in awe.  His teacher says he is a fast learner.  If he passes this level too...well that will be three for three and I will be blown away.  I don't expect him to pass but he continues to surprise me with his skill.  Swimming lessons are seriously my favorite thing to watch.  You see progress and you see isn't just running around a field or chasing after a ball.  It is learning and growing and I could go on and on and on.   

What is your Thursday concoction including?

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

busy day. I love mornings that go well. I didn't get to sleep last night until about 1:30 this morning due to an uneasy feeling in my gut that I couldn't figure out. I eventually dosed off to sleep after waking up my husband and making sure he knew where the baseball bat was. Very weird. Luckily it wasn't needed. Today I am just babysitting a friends little boy from 8-1 and then it is all up in the air. No set plan other than living the day out and trying to keep everyone happy. I need to sign my kids up for swimming lessons again. Thanks for reminding me.


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