Saturday, July 23, 2011

our men are troopers...

 The other day while driving to my haircut I got teary thinking about our year north this year.
Typically, I head north with just the kids and Ed swoops in for an overwhelming day or two at the end of the week. He gets us all tired, dirty, and trying to pack up.  I make him do everything we have enjoyed leisurely all week in the 36 hours that he is there for. 

My sister's husband has been coming for the full week for a few years now.  I am always impressed with his comfort, patience, and ability to put up with our crazy clan.  Heck, we are the in-laws..which mean we are automatically we are a bit much - whether we are awesome or not. 

This year Ed is coming for the whole week.
I don't even know what to think for this upcoming week. 
I am guessing it will be a bit more of a vacation for me.

But as I drove and thought about our two guys.
How they both are taking precious vacation days, to be shoved in a single cabin, with their mother and father in-law and sometimes psycho sister in laws. was a bit overwhelming.
I am so blessed and I am so excited for this week.

Two incredible guys.
And to think that 15 years ago we didn't know that they would be part of this place in our hearts. 
I know my sister feels the same...
But thanks guys and I hope that your week is just that for just a wee bit of the time..."YOUR" week. 
But for the rest of the time, I know you'll be okay with us ladies bossing you around, telling you to get in the lake, change a diaper, and go get ice. 


Raina and Andy said...

I know this year we will feel the same way as last year-how did we ever do it in a smaller cabin? But this year we'll think "How did Sarah ever do that without Ed?" So excited that he will be there. I'm hoping for a bloody mary of some sort, a few good games, some fishing out of those boys, and help with the kiddos so we sarah and i can put our dirty cottage feet up for 5 minutes together. Thanks Ed and Andy. RR

Jessica said...

You both have amazing husbands. Hope you all have a fantastic time as usual. Jess G


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