Saturday, July 23, 2011

I just turned 35...which means, I have journeyed "Up North" with my parents for over 35 years.
We have rented almost the same cabin with almost the same people for all of those years.
Every year the group is a different cocktail of people...some had babies, jobs, school, or other things that influenced whether they were "Up North" for any or all of the week.

I have not missed a year.
Flying my "Haven't Missed a Year at the Cottage in 35 Years Freak Flag" with maybe too much pride.

The thing's okay when people miss or can't make the whole week. 
The group ebbs and flows and tries to enjoy and make due without each person that adds an element of fun.
This year there are more people who aren't going to be there.
My brother and his girlfriend are out touring Europe.  Much more sophisticated.
And then there are two cabins who are usually jam packed with friends that won't be there.
The K family won't be there to talk books, giggle, discuss dinner plans, play Dion's music enthusiastically, and just be. 

They were the late sleepers in the group...
So I have a feeling that all week we will all be watching  "their cabin's" direction...waiting for them to shuffle down to the lake mid morning.  Colleen would have her fancy umbrella chair.  Connor would have an outing that he had planned for the day.  Cathy would have her diet coke and book.  And Dion would have deep things to disuss.  And life would settle into it's rhythm. 

Each year is different.
Each year is wonderful.
Each year we anticipate the week and how it will go.
This year - I am not anticipating the lack of K up there.
I haven't let that fact settle yet.
Reality will hit in about 36 hours.
We will miss you all.
Looking forward to Cottage 2012!


Barb said...

Ditto! Love Colin and Greg's shirts!! Will totally miss all who won't be there so very much. Like Sarah said - every year is different and I'll say "there's always next year" or is that for the Cubbies?

Laura said...

That sounds wonderful! Enjoy up north!

Raina and Andy said...

will miss alllll the K too. they spice it up and calm it down! RR

Danifred said...

What a wonderful lifetime of memories! Have fun Mama.

Crystal said...

great pictures! i had fun trying to pick you out in each one :) have a great trip!


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