Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday updates...

Yesterday was wonderful.  You know you have found a life long friend when you don't see each other for a year or two and yet, when you do get together you can spend 6 hours pondering life and motherhood in a perfect fenced in backyard, sipping lattes, and watching 6 kids have a splendid time on a perfect summer day.  Thanks Sarah for what I will look back on as one of my favorite days this summer.  You truly are a favorite sounding board for my mothering ponderings.  You inspire.  I wish we were neighbors.  But I will not get caught up on wishing...instead I will savor our emails, texts, and once in awhile get togethers.  Cheers!  My friend.

Fishing...we will not cross this of our bucket list just yet...because we know come the end of July we will do some serious catching and releasing up north.  But the mama who watches her boys grow each summer...I will savor these moments where my dad helps throw in their line...with me anxiously throwing my two cents in at all times. 

Stop - photoshoot time!  My boys!

Skip's for dinner...done.  But will remember those yummy hotdogs and large baskets of fries fondly...and maybe we will slip in one more time before we leave for ice cream.

OH!  Have I told you that Sydney is mastering the exosaucer.  This is her at home...but we are lucky to have borrowed one from Jaime while we are here...thank you!  So she is busy mastering getting herself turned in circles here at my moms.

*Consignment stop
*birthday party dinner for cousin Eli
*Sydney meets Aunt Pat and "aunt" Emma
*Yummy lunch


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful trip! Cannot belive Miss Sydney is already old enough to sit and spin like that!


1952natz said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like you have had so much fun already! Love it! Loving my time at home too! :) Already going by too quickly.

Danifred said...

She totally cracks me up with those cute little fingers of hers!

Colleen said...

Have so many thoughts as I sit here and grin at all the pictures and updates---BUT the most prominent one is *WAIT***When did Ms. Sydney get big enough to be in an exersaucer!?!?!?!?! Time does fly....


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