Sunday, June 5, 2011

Links I Love a smidge late

Running behind on things but had two posts that really resonated with me this week.  Loved both of them.  Look for the lessons through out the posts.  I included short blips from each post to tempt you.  I hope your weekend is enjoyable.  Yesterday - not so much in our household.  But today - things have a nice rhythm.  And that is the thing about being a mom - one day is off beat...the next is right on. 

Happy Reading...

It is the Stringing Together of Moments - Never a Dull Moment

"And all the crazy that they do, and all the crazy-making that they cause, and all the crazy work they create for me, and everything else that is crazy too— all of it suddenly held together strong in that moment with them on the stage looking to see if I saw and knowing that we were in it together. Nobody else in the room mattered, and nothing else amounted to knowing that we knew. All the crazy was folded in. And the center holds. And we knew it.

And there it is: everyday things fall apart, but the center holds. Mothering these boys is a challenge. By far the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on in my lifetime for sure. We are bursting at the seams all the time. But in the important moments – the important moments big and small – the center holds. In the glimpses out the window and in the instants on the stage. And so it is; it is in the stringing together of moments."

For the Claire Dunphys and not the Claire Huxtables - Millions of Miles

"Yes, sometimes being a mom is seeing your kid block a ball from getting inside the goal and watching his whole body fill up with pride at his accomplishment. Sometimes it's seeing them ace math tests. Sometimes it's seeing them mother their baby dolls with such compassion that you feel like you must have done something right. And sometimes it's getting smacked in the face and feeling inadequate and defeated and that's okay.

So here's to all the other women out there like me who are more Claire Dunphy than Claire Huxtable. You are good enough. You may not ever win a parenting award or be PTA president- but dammit, you are running the race. And even though your boobs are flopping and you are sweating like a pig, you are still doing it. Day after day. And in my book that constitutes the ideal perfect mom. "

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