Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Working on...

Rolling...Rolling ... Rolling

Miss Sydney has rolled a couple times from her tummy to her back. 
Nothing consistent.
But enough to keep us on our toes with where we lay her.

Finger sucking.  I guess when Ed was a baby he would suck these same two fingers.  So funny to me.  She starts out with one finger.  Then she gets two in.  When she gets to three I figure I better feed the poor girl. 

Henry figured out how to put his bike just so and this allows him to peddle - but not go anywhere.  He seriously sits and peddles on his "stationary" bike for a loooong time.  Hilarious to me. 

We are also working on wearing some of the pretty spring dresses - even if the mornings begin at a lovely 34 degree temperature.  Long sleeve onesies and adorable little leg warmers...yes, I got my hands on a few more pairs...seem to making things temperature appropriate. 

What are you working on?


gschneider said...

One of my distinct memories from Des Plaines was suddenly finding my training-wheeled enabled bike had turned into a stationary bike. It was the yellow banana seated bike, and it happened in front of the Kendrick's house. It was so amazing! I actually think of this memory relatively often, which is odd. But I totally appreciate Henry's discovery.

Barb said...

Tongue and all.......Hank cracks me up! Poor Sydney and her lovely fashions -- I'm laughing out loud. Does she smile when you dress her? First photo is absolutely gorgeous. What am I working on? My own blog for a change, but I am so slow. By the way, I can't find the horse on a stick - where is it?

The Mama said...

Too cute - all of your kiddoes!!! I love it!!! Love Henry and the bike!

Keep the dresses for the fall and winter too - at the end of this summer they should go on clearance to get rid of them for winter clothes, and if you grab them in what her size should be this winter, you can put a long sleeved onesie and tights under it and voila - cute outfit!! Love having girls!!!

Raina and Andy said...

i agree with grandma B-love that first picture and i'm laughing at the last ones where she is falling on the chair. haha. wonder what she's thinking... rR

Cara R. said...

One of my "favoritest" pictures ever is of my DD (now 16) laying on her tummy on the bed and sucking her thumb with her four fingers sticking up over her face. :)

Jenner said...

That first photo melted me, she has such a gorgeous smile!!

We're working on potty-training. More me than the peapod. Not me getting potty-trained, but getting myself into a routine with my daughter since she is completely ready.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That first picture is to die for!

I love the stationary bike picture...that is the funniest thing in the world!


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