Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day ...

....May the 4th be with you!

A mama of Star Wars loving boys has to smile at that one!

Today we had Henry's class and things have really gotten so good. Last week I talked to the teacher and asked her if she could help him connect with another little boy named Jack. He talks about Jack non-stop at home - even though he has never interacted with him at school. I have tried to sit and play with Henry and Jack but Henry just hides behind me. Ms. Shari said it took 2 minutes and off they went. I also had Jack and his mom and sister over last week and Jack's mom was in awe of Henry. He was a total different kid here at home. He and Jack had such a good time.

Today at class the teacher said they had to do a double take when they saw Henry outside at the park. They couldn't believe how he was running around and playing with Jack. I am so thrilled - yet, dumb that we only have a class or two left.

Henry is one proud kiddo. Jack seems to be a bit of an imaginary friend in our house - however, he is becoming more real now. Love it.


Cory said...

Oh that is so cute. Love that his teachers got to see that side of him. :)


Anonymous said...

You're a good mom, Sarah.


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