Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday afternoons...

Lazing around
Cleaning up after a fun weekend
A 5-6 hour drive home
Playing catch in the yard
Riding bikes
Planting flowers
Walks to the park
Reading a book
Grocery shopping
Sunday afternoon football (well, not this time of year)
Sitting in a lawn chair and deep thinking
A hearty breakfast
A slow cup of coffee
An extra hour in your pjs
An early evening bath and an early bedtime

Sundays are never long enough.  How did you spend yours?



Anonymous said...

love all of those things...except the 5-6 hour car rides home. but IT WAS WORTH IT. RR

Kelly said...

Were you "Up North" this weekend? We were!!! Got a new phone...what is that game, Friends with Words that you play?? Got the app!

Barb said...

French toast & sausages for breakfast, church, home to putz around on a very dark, cold, windy and dreary (UGLY) day. Ironed, watched some crazy tv movie, Bob got some fishing gear ready, went out for salad & pizza at a new place, ended the day with 3 happy hours of a Survivor finale. A nap would have been nice too but we did that on Saturday this weekend.


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