Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enjoy THIS day.

Lately, I have had several chats with mama friends involving how fast these years are going - being a mom of little ones. How it is so easy to brush off an invitation to play Candyland...I did this morning because yesterdays lunch, dinner, and today's breakfast dishes were balancing dangerously on the counter. How when they are 9 or worse, 15, we won't get the tug on the pant leg, with large blue eyes staring up, asking to be read a story.

The days can be long but the years go fast.

When you are in the diaper days they seem so expensive and never-ending. But then all of a sudden 3 years have flown by and you wonder - what am I doing with that diaper money these days, since I don't have diapers on my shopping list.

When you are waking every 3 hours to nurse you think you will NEVER get a full night of sleep. But then your little one sleeps from 8pm until 8:15am and you wish, almost, that you had been blessed with a little visit last night around 2am, when all that needs attending to is your little one who is kicking and smiling and so excited to see you.  ( Sydney slept like this last night!)

When you are trying to get out of the house without losing it because you need your purse, a diaper bag, a bag full of bandaids and snacks, three kids, and your sanity - you think....Really, I should enjoy this because when they are 10 they will beg to stay home, and not ride along, take your hand, chatter on while you race through the aisles of Target.

Life. Enjoy this moment. This today. The ups. The downs. Enjoy. It all.

My brother then sent me this message today. And even though it makes you catch your breath. Wonder. And worry. It also reminds you to use sunscreen, get your kiddos to eat their veggies, but more importantly, enjoy this day. These people. These blessings. Because we are all so blessed to have each other on this day.

Enjoy your Thursday. To the max.

Today: We are driving Charley to school because it is a bit rainy. My mom is treating me to a Starbucks drink (via giftcard), because it is that kind of day, and we have 30 minutes to waste before heading to playgroup. This afternoon I am committing to a few board games and a little handwriting practice with the boys. Henry will perfect his H and Charley and I will be authors together (while I sneak in a little handwriting advice.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a frazzled day due to both work and home stuff--nothing major just an overwhelming time right now. Anyways--sitting at my desk scarffing down lunch and enjoying your blog as my mini get a way for the day. THANKS! Hopefully, i can slow down, put your take home message into use and start enjoying my thursday....wish me luck. ;)


Barb said...

I crossed off an item on my Bucket List today - went to Madison all by myself, and ventured to several food places of interest. Made my way around town easily and listened to a book on tape to and from. Grabbed a corned beef sandwich at Ella's Della (many of you know the place). Have several grocery bags to empty now, filled with yummy items. BUT, to have a child tugging at my pant leg asking me to read, what a joy to treasure!

Raina and Andy said...

amazing post. love it. all blessings that I need to remember. I def. took some time to be present with eli tonight and it was SO fun. I had him on my own and I just let myself give in to the fun he is...talking and singing with him, bubble hats in the bathtub etc. I didn't even turn on the computer until he was all done with his dinner. I'm so glad I did it. You inspire me to do that. RR

Jenner said...

I LOVE your new header! Looks great!

Beth said...

Thanks for posting the message on skin cancer. I'm definitely sharing it with my girls. I've said the same words to them but they look at me as if I'm a crazy, over-protective, mother (which I am)!! I hope if they hear the message from someone else it will make an impact.

Happy Mother's Day!


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