Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today we met...

Oscar Olaf...

Sydney was born January 23 and I had a friend who was also pregnant at the time.  A friend who I can call to vent, cry, ramble on to...etc.  A friend who will stop over to visit and stay awhile.  A friend who takes my boys so I can run an errand or breathe.  A good friend.

She was due April 18th.  A date that seemed so far away at the time.  I thought, man, when she has her baby Sydney will be almost 3 months old.  It seemed so far away.  But the time has passed quickly - too quickly for me and not quickly enough for her.  And yesterday my friend Lynelle welcomed her little baby boy at 7:30 pm. 

I had two boys and was blessed with a little girl.  She has two girls and was expecting a boy!  Charley and her daughter Elly are best of friends.   Last night Elly became a big sister and Emma became the biggest sister in their house.

And now my little Miss Sydney has a new friend...Mr. Oscar. 

Tonight, Sydney and I, escaped the house and went to meet Mr. Oscar.  Returning to the hospital where Sydney was born brought up many feelings.  The time has passed so fast and already Sydney has become this gorgeous chunk of girly girl.  And holding little Oscar made me realize how big she has grown. 

Lynelle and Shane are now the parents of three healthy happy children.  They have joined the family of 5 population.  They have the challenge of boy ahead.  Star Wars, legos, cars that vroom, holey knees, light sabers, swords, guns made out of sticks and anything else that he will get his hands on, and so much more is in their future.  I am so happy and excited for them. 

Congratulations friends!  You have one very adorable little guy!  I hope that you can slow down and enjoy each little moment of the next few months.  It goes so quickly.

Sweet Dreams!   


Raina and Andy said...

He is really cute. What did Syd think of him? I can't wait to see pictures of them growing up and playing together :) RR

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Adorable! Love the picture of the two babies together, so fun to see how much Sydney has plumped up:)

Cara said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! So neat to see them together!


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