Friday, April 15, 2011

Links I Love

I would like to copy this and put it in my boys baby books and tell them I wrote it...but that would be dishonest. But this mom says it all and in such an amazing way.

How to be a more positive person...  loved these thoughts.

I am going to make this...SOON! 

Motherhood Blues...because we all get them.

Pillow Dress...could I do this?


shellycoulter said...

You can totally make that dress! I want to try...if only I had a little girl to wear it! :)

I'm bookmarking it for future birthdays/babyshowers!

The Tompkins Family said...

Bookmarked the going to try it. Someday. Soon. Maybe. If I find time! I'd love to try and make it for Sammy's birthday coming up but we'll see if I have enough time to shop for fabric AND make it! Maybe I should aim for NEXT birthday! :)


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