Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandpa Schnooksie meets Sydney

My grandpa hasn't been himself lately and it weighs heavily on my heart that I can't pop in to see him. He is about 6 hours away. But Thanksgiving and Easter usually put me in his area of the world and I am able to pop in to visit. This Easter Ed's grandma and my grandpa were our priority. We wanted them both to meet Miss Sydney - because a little baby time is so good for the soul. So Saturday morning of Easter weekend Ed and Sydney and I buzzed over to see my Grandpa.

Sydney Laverne is named after my grandma grandpa Schnooksie's wife. Schnooksie is what my grandpa calls me.  Sydney was once again - perfect.  We laid her down on his bed and he talked to her and she cooed and smiled at him. 

 She held his finger and my heart swelled.  It swelled so much that it almost burst.

When your little baby doesn't freak with someone new...with someone who would appreciate a quiet and calm baby - you can't help but be frantically thankful for that perfect moment.  And boy oh boy was I thankful. 

My grandpa asked at least twice, "So if Sydney had been a boy would we have named him Michael...given that his name is Michael."  It was so good to see that his sense of humor was still there. 


Stacey said...

What a perfect moment and memory for you and your grandpa to share. Sydney may not be able to remember it, but will have these wonderful pictures. I remember thinking everytime my boys visited my grandma when her health was failing that this might be the last time. We took a lot of pictures too.

Jenner said...

Gorgeous. I am sure it made your grandpa's whole week to spend time with little Syd.

Raina and Andy said...

i love the last shot. RR

Anonymous said...

all i can say.
i never met my grandpa and i'm glad for syd that she can say otherwise!
in the 4th shot-she looks like ed
in the last shot-grandpa looks like your dad!

Danifred said...

I think they look alike in the last shot :) So sweet. You've really had some amazing moments lately.

Roz said...

Precious. Great photos. This post really tugged at my heart strings. What a sweet sweet great grandpa Miss Sydney has!!


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