Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick random thoughts...

1.  New music on my player down below - hope that brightens your day, sister!

2.  My mom flies out this evening.  Boo!  It has been a wonderful week.  More on that later.

3.  Sydney is smiling and soon I will devote some good time to catching that smiling dimply girl on my camera.

4.  Natasha your package is in the mail.  Just sayin'

5.  The boys have gotten in a horrible bedtime habit.  They are all crazy rowdy after we shut off the lights and leave their room.  Henry doesn't calm down for a good 45 minutes.  My mom actually sat up there with them two of the nights so they would settle.  He literally rolls and tumbles on his bed.  I am at a loss for how to get it back to good.  But WE WILL get it back to good.   Because I can't stand the mood that it is bringing out in them mid afternoon. 

6.  Sydney continues to sleep amazingly well.  She conks out on my around 8:30.  She nurses once in the 1-3 am hours.  And again around 5am.  Not bad at all!  Not bad at all! 

7.  American Idol is AWESOME this year.  I love it and this week it is on three nights!  That might make me a walking zombie but it also makes me happy.  And actually I can have it on with the boys up so maybe we'll have to do that a wee bit.  Anyone else watching and who are your favorites?   I seriously love all the people in the top 24 and there were so many others that I wish had made it. 

8.  We got a bin of my niece Morgan's baby girl clothes and I went through and organized it the best that I could.  I love the luxury of having someone give you a load of cute clothes - but it is so overwhelming and so hard to organize so that you don't miss out on an item.  Things don't always fit how they are labeled.  Your child doesn't always grow to fit the labeled sizes.  Seasons...etc. 

9.  Another thing with all this girl clothes...things came together or go together...like a little pair of pants, a onesie, and a little sweatshirt.  I am feeling confident that I could put these little things together but Ed has not paid attention to what came together.  So how in the world do you organize all the girl stuff when it all really looks the same.  At least with boy stuff it was tops and bottoms and they were very interchangeable but with this girl stuff it seems to all work more matched up.  Does this paragraph even get across my dilemma?

10.  My mom and I went shopping yesterday, while the boys played at a friend's house. (Thank you friend!)  I have been missing my small maternity wardrobe.  Now things require a little more thought because there are more choices.  I found a couple core items...plain t-shirts and then a fun sweater. 

11.  I am starting to have the urge to pixie cut my hair again.  What to do?

12.  My mission for the Wed-Sat days this week is to have my act together with thawing and using up meals in our freezer.  It requires a little more thought ahead of time.  I need to get more organized with meals so that the busy dinner hour flows more smoothly. 

13.  This weekend we have nothing going on.  No one visiting.  No where to be.  Heaven. Ed has been travelling.  We have had fun company here.  But it is always nice to have the quiet of your own family on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

14.  I am so behind on blog reading and writing and commenting.  I feel so  out of touch with some of my email friends.  I haven't talked to a few of my "in real life" face to face friends for a good week.  Life is going too fast and it is starting to weigh heavy on my shoulders.  I am able to read blogs but typing a comment one handed while balancing a munchkin on my boob makes it mighty difficult.  So I say I will go back later and then I never do because you all write something new.  Any tips on fitting all this in more easily. 

15.  I am LOVING my iPhone.  It is seriously the best nursing companion.  It keeps me busy in the middle of the night ...my favorite app right now is the game Words with Friends.  Seriously addicting. 

16.  Miss Sydney is growing out of her 0-3 month clothing items.  Boo! 

17.  I need to vacuum but instead we are going to have a bowling tournament here this morning because my mom is a wii bowling pro and I am determined to get a little more closer to her scores.  And this afternoon after we drop her off at the airport - instead of coming home and sulking and crying I am going to find something busy to do with my three littles.  Ed already committed to bringing home Chipotle, with the buy one get one free coupon I earned this last week.  So we can roll in  when he does. 

18.  I have pictures to download and share.  I need an extra hour or two in my day...where I don't have someone attached to my boob. 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

The shorter your list of to do's the happier it will be. Just make your to do lists only 5 items each day and leave the others for the next. Don't feel like you have to do everything and fit everything in. You are where you should be and need to enjoy it all while you can. I think it is good for me to be writing this because I am sure I will be feeling the same way when our #3 arrives. Oh and thank you for the card you sent in the mail.

The Tompkins Family said...

I can't wait to see Miss Syd's smiles! And what a champion sleeper...so glad you got an easy baby!

The Mama said...

Sweet Sydney sounds like such a good baby! That's awesome!

Enjoy these moments! Don't fret over the blogs, they will all be there when you are ready to read and have more time to comment again!

Regarding the clothes, I hang up my daughter's clothes as an outfit in her closet. I started when she was little separating the pants and tops, but when in a hurry, I didn't want to have to search, so now I hang all together. Outfits all go on one side, and pretty dresses and such go on the other side of the closet.

PS - regarding girlie clothes, someone gave me great advice not long ago. Never pack a dress up that you think she has outgrown, the next year there is a good chance it can be a tunic or just a top with shorts or leggings. Has proved to be a great piece of advice for me and we get so much wear out of her clothes. Amazing the options there are out there for girls!

Danifred said...

Me! Me! Words with Friends!!!

Grandma Charlie said...

Love all the pictures, Sarah, but looking forward to a smile picture! No rush...

April said...

I agree with The Mama with hanging outfits together. That helps! But, there are the bloomer with the dress situations, you have to keep track of all of that!
And Anna also wears some of her dresses as tops with leggings now :) It's all so fun!


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