Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My mom's favorite moment during her stay...

Henry is our picky eater.
He doesn't like too many fruits or veggies.
And he won't try or venture out of his comfort zone to try new casseroles or dinners.
He most always passes on items that include meat.
I have to bribe him from time to time with dessert to get him to eat the good stuff...which I know isn't a great parenting strategy but, if it gets him to eat a few spoonfuls of everything on his plate I am happy. And many nights he forgets about the dessert mentioned during the bribe.

Lately, he has loved bread. If we have rolls or a piece of french bread with dinner he devours it immediately and then asks for more...which often replaces the dessert bribe.

Last night I sliced up some french bread and put it in a basket on the table to go with our asparagus and salmon dinner. Ed was running late and little Hank was hungry. So he told Grandma Barb that he was going to give himself a piece of bread and mama a piece. Not anyone else...just us. When my mom looked over she saw this...

Henry's plate had two pieces of bread on it.  And my plate had one slice.

Little Henry and his love of carbohydrates!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Henry,
Don't tell your mom this-but I'll eat your meat (and all the good stuff) and you can have my bread ;) Love, Aunt Raina


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