Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday- biting my nails.

It's Monday morning...and I am biting my nails...

Yesterday was a normal Sunday - but then Henry came in from playing outside and he was shivering...and it was not cold enough for him to be shivering.  Then he told me he was sick and he curled up on our guest bed while I was picking up in there.  Soon enough he had conked out. 

It is always unsettling when your child puts himself to sleep.

He napped.  We woke him to give him Motrin.  He ate a little dinner.  Had trouble falling back asleep.  Woke up in the night 2am drenched in sweat.  More Motrin - change of shirt - and decided he should use his pillow and not his pillow pet for the rest of the night. I of course laid awake for at least an hour or two worrying about Sydney getting it.  Henry woke up at 5 complaining about a wet shirt again, but it was his pillow that was so wet from sweat but he wasn't sweaty or warm.  I think his fever broke.  But he also had a croupy cough. 

So this morning I am biting my nails...wondering what the deal was and what is in store for us today.


This weekend I did some MAJOR cleaning in our kitchen.  Up top of our cupboards there are an array of vases...that were covered in an obnoxious layer of dust.  The tops of the cupboards could easily compete with the dust on the vases and least two inches.  So Ed and I worked to wash all the vases, clean the tops of the cupboards - which then meant the whole kitchen needed a wipe down due to the dust that was flying.  We took down curtains in our lower level to wash - and found one of our kitchen cupboards coming off the wall, slightly.  So Ed had to fix that which entails emptying all our plates, bowls, and mugs for at least 24 hours while the glue etc. sets.  So my hard work will go unnoticed for the time being because the entire kitchen is smattered in dishes.  ugh.


Saturday morning we took a family trip to Costco.  The boys didn't want to go but we lured them them there with promise of a sample tour.  We paraded through to get grocery bags and sampled ourselves silly.  It was hilarious.  I love how they have samples at the end of almost every aisle and they alternate every couple of food samples with a beverage sample.  Glorious.  I don't think we bought anything that we sampled.  HAHA! 

But by the time we were leaving it was 12:15...and I told Ed that all my blog friends write about the awesome hot dog deal that Costco sells at their little food stand.  $1.50 and you get an "enormous" hot dog and a large pop.  So the males in our family all inhaled one and drank down some lemonade.  I had a few bites of Henry's.  Mom and Dad...wanna do the sample parade and hot dog lunch next Saturday?  HAHAHAHA! 


I didn't touch base with my mom or sister all weekend.  Unsettling.  But I know my sister was busy with fun plans and my mom was busy chasing Eli around and playing with Thomas the train and such.  My mom and dad are coming on Wednesday and staying until Sunday.  I pray the boys are feeling good so we can go out and do some fun adventures...bowling for real is on our list of things to do. 


Our niece Morgan turns 2 tomorrow.  Incredible how fast time flies.  I can't wait to hear about their weekend celebrations!  I have to pat myself on the back because I got her present sent and hopefully there on time.  And those that are close to me in "real life" know that getting to the post office and remembering people's birthdays is something I do not excel at.  So hip hip hooray!  Maybe this is a new day! 

Here is Morgan turning 1!


Leaving you with a recent Sydney shot!  Doesn't she look happy about this silly pose! 

Happy Monday - hoping for some blogging time later today when the boys rest and watch a little movie and Sydney naps.  We'll see. 


The Tompkins Family said...

Fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy...and that the worst is over for Henry!

The Mama said...

That shot of Sydney cracked me up! So cute!!!

I think I'm going to steal your idea of the samples, what a great idea - my boy would love that!! :)

Hope Henry is feeling better - and that he didn't share with anyone!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Fevers are the worst! I hope it was just a 24 hour thing!

Raina and Andy said...

cute pics and thoughts!!! jealous that mom and dad will be there wednesday but i just got to see them so i'm sure you feel the same. i used to love going to sam's and do all the "sampeling"---how do you spell that? anyways-i can't really sample much anymore but andy LOVES it. i'm sure eli will start to love it to. how fun. RR

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I hope Henry is feeling good and it was a quick bug.
Enjoy your family time, I miss my family already.


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