Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday afternoon activity...

Friday afternoons...when spring is supposed to have arrived...we are once again digging deep into our creative brains for something to keep us all busy, inside. So I invested in a big bucket of these little things...and decided if it didn't entertain them for more than 20 minutes...then mama might stumble and knock it over. Picking them up would for sure take us through the 2 hour bewitching hour. Chopsticks would add a degree of difficulty.

Luckily, mama did not need to stumble. Charley was busy for over an hour! WOO HOO! Next Christmas you can all expect to get one of these lovely creations - that I have NO idea what we should do with. :)


Raina and Andy said...

oh MAN I remember these. I'm hoping for color coordinated stripes. RR

Anonymous said...

I am serioulsy going to pay you for a weekly creative activity this summer. This is the stuff I do not think of!


Anonymous said...

Christopher used to do these when he was little. We put flat self-stick magnets on them and used them on our fridge and gave magnets to others!
~ Tracey in WI

Anonymous said...

my neighbor brianne had these!! we always made these funny little things..then i was SOOOOO proud but now i look at them and see how bad mine turned out and think i should have taken more time or thought!!! my mom STILL has one that i made her hanging over the sink in the kitchen!!

The Gardiner Family said...

Sophie made one for each of her classmates! That kept her busy for a month! :) She would do 1 or 2 a day! We love these beads! We also put magnets on them.


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