Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandmas are made for...

Grandma Charlie, Grandpa Ed and Aunt Sara came to visit us this weekend.  It was Grandpa Ed and Aunt Sara's first encounter with Sydney.  And I didn't grab my camera enough, instead I just enjoyed the visit.  But I walked past Sydney's room and saw this and had to run and grab my camera...because Grandma time...

is precious.

Sydney loves getting her diaper changed because she loves the blinds that catch her eye every single time.  Yet, this moment Grandma Charlie's conversation won over the blinds. 

And when Grandma Charlie wasn't having chit chats with Sydney...she was building ships with the boys.  As you can see here....she won an award. 

Weekends when family visit are super.  There isn't a stress to have things be just right- we can just be.  And how blessed we were to sit down to a home cooked turkey/stuffing bake...Thanks Grandma Charlie for feeding us all! 


Anonymous said...

What an fantastic. perfect. speechless. timeless. amazing. picture of Grandma Charlie and Sydney. TOTALLY FRAMABLE for SURE!!!!!!

The Tompkins Family said...

I absolutely love the first picture! It's completely priceless.

Laura said...

Precious picture. Definitely a 1000 words.


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