Friday, March 25, 2011

A gift that leaves this mama...breathless.

Miss Sydney has been given many gifts in her first two months of life.
She is blessed with so many that love her.
There have been gifts that have made this mama - smile.
There have been gifts that have made this mama - sigh.
There have been gifts that make this mama - giggle.

But there was a recent gift that we recieved the other day...
And this gift had me doing all of these...but most of all...
it left this mama breathless.

You see I did a great baby book for my first, Charley.
I bought a baby book for Henry and started filling it out but then spent more time comparing Henry's milestones to Charley's book...instead of filling in Henry's book. 
Then I started blogging and that seemed like the most incredible baby book.
I got behind on ordering pictures...and now it is too overwhelming. 

So Sydney arrives...the third child and I have guilt on my heart for not making Henry a book. 
How can I go buy her a book.  So I need to catch up with Henry while staying on top of Miss Sydney's. 

So in the mail ...
We recieve a box from a friend.
Not a super close friend.  More of a person who has been in our life at fun times.  We have shared some crazy times back in the day.  She reads my blog, I am not even sure how that ever came about, but it makes me smile.  We run into each other when we go back to Ed's home town.  She and I exchange recipes.  We stay in touch a bit on Facebook.  So, yes, she is a friend.  But not a friend who you would expect to take time and creative energy to give such a wonderful gift.

Miss Sydney doesn't have to fret.  Her first two months of life are documented in pictures and adorable scrapbooking such a kind and generous friend.  Thank you Nickie.  It truly is such an amazing gift. 

These are just a few of the pages.  I just love it soooo much.
It was the first time I saw pictures from my new camera in print. 
And it has inspired me to get my ass in gear and order some pictures from the last two years! 


Jenner said...

What a beautiful gift!! I, too, let the baby book fall to the wayside. I think I abandoned it when the peapod was 5 months old. Now it's 20 months later and I regret not having stuck with it.

The Tompkins Family said...

That is SO touching! What a great friend!!

Anonymous said...

Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift! Can't wait to flip through it in person. :)


The Gardiner Family said...

I too can't wait to look through it in person! How touching!

Danifred said...

WOW! What a special, incredible gift. I love it.

Raina and Andy said...

It does look amazing. I know scrapbooking is time consuming and costs $$ but when you see the outcome...It's worth it. Wish i had more of "that" skill in me. RR

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

What an amazing gift. thoughtful and touching.

I think I have the opposite problem, I do order pictures, about every 6 months or so. And I go so overboard ordering them:) I don't scrapbook or anything, but I put them in albums for us to look through. I have way too many albums.
Maybe we should have a picture ordering party, ha ha!


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