Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Joy!

This weekend Henry and Charley got to introduce their new baby sister to their Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and cousin Morgan. 

Morgan anticipated meeting baby Sydney the whole ride here.  And unfortunately, a long drive had them arriving in the wee hours of the night (1 am to be exact).  And so their meeting would have to be delayed until the coffee was brewing and all the adults were walking zombies from driving all night or doing the night time feeding thing. 

The weekend was full of lazing around, Lego building, pancake eating, garbage can constructing (Ed's project this weekend did not involve his head being stuck into a 10 inch hold but rather making our kitchen garbage more snazzy). 

Here are a few pictures from our weekend with cousin Morgan.  And I do have to say this little girl was a different girl this visit when it came to getting her picture taken.  There was no running or turning away from the camera. 


Grandma Charlie said...

Thanks, Sarah, I feel like I was there!

Raina and Andy said...

can't wait for eli and morgan to meet up someday. RR


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