Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Itty Bitty updates...and a Sydney picture fix.

This little Miss Sydney has been gracing me with a wonderful transition into being a mom of three.  Once again after hitting the pillow at 9:30...I was graced with two 3 hour and one 2 hour chunk of sleep...amounting in 8 hours of sleep.  YES, folks, that is almost 8 hours. 

Am I napping?  No.  Am I doing okay on the sleep I am getting?  Yes.  Because I have friends who pop over to snuggle her, chat, and have pizza lunch.  Thank you, friend, for insisting on popping over.  That is what I needed, since the temps are bitterly cold...going out is just not high on my list and I am going a little crazy here lacking the mama social scene.  So hijacking a friend and keeping her here until well past her daughter's nap will happen if you stop by.

I am starting to deal with the art of mini-vanning with three.  Charley has to enter on the wrong side of the car when I pick up and drop off at school.  I can no longer participate in the fabulous carpool that I instigated over a month ago because I can't fit three kids in my backseat legally.  I find myself praying the entire time I am driving - praying for a smooth cry-free drive and safe travels.  I am back in the packing everything but the kitchen sink, and still realizing once I am buckled in that I forgot a much needed item."  stage of parenting.

When Charley was born we bathed him every. single. night. 
Henry got a bath every couple nights.
Poor precious Sydney has had two baths in her 16 days in our world plus the initial birthing room sponge bath.  Granted, her belly button thingy just fell off so that does impact the actual bath thing.  But still.  Daddy and Mama need to get our butts in gear and bathe you a tad more often...however, you have had very little baby acne or dry skin...could this be because of the lack of bathing?

Nursing has become a tad more painful.  I think we are getting the latch down.

I LOVE playing the good old board game Guess Who with my boys.  It is a great past time during the never ending nursing jags.

Legos - who invented them?  I LOVE YOU.  And now I get why they don't lose their value.  They keep my boys busy from sun up to sun down.  It is incredible.  I love the creativity, the peace, the quiet, and the all consuming play that they provide.  And I actually find joy in sitting and searching for the one piece they need to complete their battleship. 

Why is it that three and six year olds find interest in "the baby" when she is peacefully sleeping or laying peacefully taking in our busy household.  When they bound up to her with their buffalo stomping feet,  get right in her face, and poke her cheek or grab her hand, and speak with spit flying, in a volume that is tad too loud and excited - I will be honest....all hell breaks lose.  I have to hold back screaming.  Because once again she begins to root and I am informed she is "hungry and ready to eat again MOM!"   Of course she is hungry.  She is ALWAYS hungry. 

So far so good.  But I read recently from a mama of three that the exhaustion hits, the adrenaline subsides, and the overwhelming days are ahead.  They hit at different times for new mama's of three.  Some at three weeks, some at 2 months.  I am bracing myself.  I think, if I assume they are going to hit at any moment...maybe they won't. 

Love.  Thank you all for all the love.  The emails. Cards. Packages. Phone calls.  Blog Comments.  Patience.  Excitement.  etc. etc. etc.  They seriously are fuel for my soul. 


The Tompkins Family said...

Sounds like you are doing GREAT. Please send some energy my way. I am drowning over here!

April said...

She is adorable and so alert!!
You are doing so great!

Grandma Charlie said...

Oh, my, she is changing so much already, beautiful baby girl. Love the sitting up pictures, like we have of the boys.

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

LOVE that second picture of Sydney, Sarah! I see a little of Charley and Henry in her! :)

Shell said...

Oh, she is so beautiful!

It's so cold and dry- baths would just dry her skin out. Don't worry about it, mama.

And glad to hear you are getting some rest at least!

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Love the new pics of your little peach. So cute! The poor baby has only had two baths? Bwaaahaaaaa! Welcome to the world of mothering with *more* than two! I would say she'll have fewer pictures taken too, but you seem to be on the ball with that. *wink*

Danifred said...

It sounds like everything is settling in perfectly. Enjoy and much love!

Anonymous said...

she is so darn serious but love it!!!!!!! so cute-like she's looking RIGHT at the camera. RR


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