Friday, February 25, 2011

Charley hits the slopes...

As a mother/ parent your goal is to raise your children to have wings so they can soar. I never imagined that I, Sarah, would have a six year old son who would be soaring down a hill in downhill skis.

But I do! I have a 6 year old son who is participating in his THIRD year of ski lessons!

Typically, daddy brings him for his lessons. And I show up half way through with Henry to snap some pictures...easier on my heart to not see the whole lesson. I am not a skier so I don't trust the process.

However, Ed is out of town so my mom and I had to take him.

Normally, they ride this "magic carpet" up the hill.

However today....

Almost right off the bat Charley and his little friend headed over to the big lift. WHAT! We followed to take pictures. That is when I noticed what was happening...

Do you notice what I noticed...come on!  LOOK CLOSE! 

Let me show you again!

Do you get my shock at this point. The tears and panic erupted quickly. My mom assured me...there would be someone up top to help them off. Now you get it right...a 6 year old going up with his younger friend ...ALL. BY. THEMSELVES. Talk about give your mama a heart attack.

A little farther up from the picture below we noticed that a mitten dropped. This sent me into big time panic. Would the boys know to just let the mitten go. My mom claimed it wasn't them that dropped it. But I was sure it was Charley and he was going to turn around to watch it. But it wasn't them.

We survived the ski lesson without daddy. But boy will I be glad when dad is back to stand beside me and assure me that he is just fine. Because I need to come to terms with this year this little guy will begin his ski journey...

And when the day comes when Sydney hits the slopes..probably at the age of two...I am determined to take a lesson or 5 that we can take a ski vacation. My husband has a love of skiing. And sadly, he married a woman lacking the stamina and background. But I was assured during Charley's lesson this week, by an instructor, that it doesn't take too much strength and just some balance and skill, and I will be good to go down the easy runs. And for me...a day of easy slopes...will be satisfying. Day 2, 3, 4, and 5...can be spent sipping hot cocoa and Bailey's by the fire, getting a pedicure, enjoying my book, and soaking my sore feet in the hot tub. will be seeing us -- someday!


Raina and Andy said...

oh my gosh the lift and the mitten and would they know to just leave it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. great post. go charley go. can't believe it. RR

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

this post literally has my little heart POUNDING! but i am pounding with excitement!
soooo fun! i am a downhill skier. i have been skiing since i was 5. colorado has seen my face countless times. i will also get my kids on skis. and FAST.

The Gardiner Family said...

Such great pictures, I would have been nerfous about the ski lift too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, nervous just looking at the pics. Nice work, Charley! Huge!


CanadianMama said...

Ha - love it! Charley looks so confident in all the pictures :)


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