Friday, February 25, 2011



- my mom is here this week because my hardworking husband is doing his work thing in Florida right now. Thanks mom for all the help!

- my mom has the boys with her at our local grocery store where they were lured by little kid carts. I hope they were good shoppers for her. I wonder what new grocery item they will have worked their magic and convinced Grandma to splurge on.

- while they shop, my little peanut swings, and I get to blog. Heaven.

- My girl is such a content little baby. She hangs out on her playmat for good 30 minute chunks totally content. She only squawks when she wants to eat. And last night she slept, and so did I, from 9-2:45 and then 3:15-5:00am. NICE! Can't complain! And her little legs are chunking right up.

- My sister and fam are heading here for the weekend. Blessed.

- A friend that feels comfortable enough to drop her daughter off but then instead of dropping and running...stays to hang out here. So blessed to have such a good friend.

- Another friend has her mom here and we haven't communicated all week and I miss that - but I love knowing that both of us are totally wrapped up in our happy mom filled worlds.

- health - just have to say that we have had an amazing run this winter and I am hoping it continues.

What makes you feel blessed...


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

blessed for so many things:
-a husband that sounds giddy at the chance for a lunchdate with the kids and i
-a friend to share drinks and chatting with that i can not live without
-two babies that will always be my babies
-a beautiful home that i love and am proud of
-wonderful opportunities, friends, a consistent paycheck

-a family that lives very close by
soooo much that i'm thankful for

Anonymous said...

Blessed to have old friends. ;)

Have a great weekend with your mom and sis. That sounds heavenly!



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