Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy daddy...

This quiet daddy can hold his tiny baby girl in the most gentle way.

But he can also use his manly hands to tear out our master bathroom (a few months ago).  Then a couple days ago he spent the afternoon walking around the house with a silly grin on his face as he drilled four 10 inch circles in the ceiling of our main living area.  He was attempting to install surround sound speakers.  Since our bathroom upstairs is ripped apart he can get in through the ceiling, somewhat, and so he took the opportunity to take on this project. 

I watched with glaring eyes as he sawed out the first hole.  Success.  My glare changed to wonder as he completed the sawing of the four other holes.  Later I came down from upstairs to see the living room looking like this...

I settled on the couch at one point to nurse Sydney while he brought in the tall ladder to try to thread speaker wire from one hole diagonally across our ceiling up to the hole in our bathroom.  On his first attempt, no luck.  On his second, no luck.  On his third, I had lost some interest..UNTIL, I looked over and noticed not only his head up in the hole but one of his arms.  He seemed to be standing mighty still so I cautiously asked, "Are you okay up there?  You aren't stuck, are you?"  And yes, he was stuck.  I could tell he was paused, gaining his composure, while attempting to slide his head and arm out of the 10 inch hole.  The ladder he was on was tipping slightly and he was now balancing on the very edge.  All I could see was the future moments when my husband would be hanging from that hole.  He reassured me that he could just bust through the ceiling if it came to that.  NICE!  Just what we needed was a huge busted out ceiling, not that I would hesitate to save my dear husband.  So I gently told Sydney that we were going to change her and stepped out of the room.  My mind was racing as I attempted to figure out what I would do if it came to me saving him. 

Moments later he emerged.  Sighing with relief.  A proud smile on his face. 

And speakers are wired and working!  Good job Ed!

Earlier that day he had moved furniture and other items in that room.  One of the items was the subwoofer speaker.  When he moved this he was surprised to hear lots of little items rattling inside.  My first thought was Lego's.  His first thought was mouse droppings.  He got a flashlight and peered inside.  Low and behold...inside our subwoofer speaker was more than a cup of candy corn, M&Ms, and jelly bellies.  All candy that I kept in a dish when Henry was potty training. 

Both boys denied storing the candy away like squirrels...but both boys have had issues with lying in the last couple weeks.  I could not believe that either boy would do it.  Henry would have only been 2 and he loves candy but he would eat it, not store it away.  Charley is too least back then.  He would always ask for a piece of candy and would be happy with one candy corn. 

Ed removed the back of the speaker and after taking the candy out we noticed that many of the candies were half eaten.  So we figure it must have been a very busy mouse...going from a random candy bowl to the speaker more than once. 

Here is the evidence.  This whole thing caused both Ed and I to smirk over the amount and the items in the speaker - however, the threat is now huge if the boys EVER put anything in that speaker again.  Even though we don't think they put this candy in there...we do see the glimmer in their eyes having discovered this nifty little hiding place. 


CanadianMama said...

What a man! And yep, I'm falling in love with my husband all over again watching him be so sweet with a baby. It's been a while and I totally forgot how wonderful it is to watch!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Fun! I love little home improvement projects.

Bri said...

I gave you an award on my blog -

The photo of your husband and baby is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

haha funny story. i love ed's smirk...i know exactly what you are talking about. hilarious. RR

Danifred said...

Love that story, although I don't love the possibility of mice. When my husband lived with a bunch of guys before we got married, we went down to their basement one day to get his ski boots. When he opened the box, it was full of dog food. Apparently, the mice had been collecting it from the dog bowls and storing it in his boots.


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