Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomorrow he turns 3 and he is prepared!

So today Henry was in party planning mode. 
He and I ran to Target to get cupcake mix.
While there he handed me three packs of Star Wars party plates and said,
"Mama we get these.  I invite lots of friends."

When I was loading the car with the groceries I told him when we got home I would need to sit down and rest for a bit.  He responded, "But what about getting ready for my party."

The kiddo is so excited but also so focused on having a party just like Charley.  All day my mission has been to have him share things he wants - not what Charley had.  So when we went and picked cupcake toppers I didn't let him pick the Lego candies.  And when he announced that we would have his party outside, I explained that his party would be inside because it was snowy and cold.  And when he mentions kids that Charley talks about from school, who have never been to our house, I explain that he is not having the same kids. 

I know that when all is said and done tomorrow - having a couple ( 3 since he is turning three) little friends that we see quite often for a cupcake, a game of hot bag, and a lunch nibble...he will be happy as a clam. 

Here is Henry busy at work getting ready for his day.

And to prove that I did not use left over holiday paper to wrap his is a shot of our "going over board" present pile.  Don't panic - many of those packages are actually boxes of cereal.

This little boy could hardly settle down for bed tonight.  He is so excited - and so am I.  He is such a joy to our life and it is amazing to me that three years ago I was heading to bed, feeling like an overdone turkey, not realizing that when I woke up I would get to finally meet the little guy that had been kicking me all those weeks. 

Which reminds me ...we have those same moments of anticipation these days and this time around Henry gets to go through the amazing transformation of being a big brother. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Henry! I will be thinking about you all day
Sarah-i love the wrapping paper! RR

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so fun! My little Ethan will be turning 3 in February and I can't believe that it is here already either. I love your black paper and silver markers on the wrapping paper!

The Tompkins Family said...

Happy Birthday Henry! He sure looks grown up in those pictures!

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday Henry!!! I love that he's so into planning his party. Hope he had a great time and that you enjoyed a special day with your little/big boy!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how old he is. Such a doll! Hope he had a great day! Love, love, love the paper!


Anonymous said...

This post made my heart hurt I loved it so much. I love that Henry was filled with excitement and anticipation for his birthday party.

Danifred said...

What fun that he is so excited. Happy early birthday, big boy!

Rebecca said...

I love the black paper and the fact that some of them are boxes of cereal! That's hysterical. Glad to hear he's so excited...that's awesome!


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