Sunday, January 2, 2011

Frugal honest fun!

Today, yes several days after the holidays, my boys got to do a gingerbread house. 
I have been seeing all these fun posts and pictures on blogs I follow and decided...I want to do that. 
There was a sneaky part of me that wanted to post it and say we did it before the holidays.
But I am going to be honest and I CREATED our frugal fun by waiting until everything was 75% off.  So this lovely reindeer village that only cost me $3.50 had enough stuff to decorate - there was no arguing about who did what!
And since it only cost $3.50... 
I won't feel bad about throwing it away on Tuesday! 


Rebecca said...

What "sweet" pictures...dork joke by're welcome. They look great!

We threw ours away the day we did them...Husband couldn't stand the smell. I had a cold.

Note to self: Get those cute little muffin tins...I love all that you do with them!

Anonymous said...

cuuuute!!!! did the boys enjoy making them or licking it???? good job! RR

Danifred said...

I think that's a great idea! What not!?!

Anonymous said...

Love it! And, love that you still have Christmas colored candies in your house after Dec. 25th. Awesome!


Mara said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this! I was at Target yesterday when I snagged the last gingerbread house (partly broken) for 90% off (99 cents!). DH and the little guys (16 mos and 3yo on Tuesday) made it tonight while I was gone with the 13yo. He took pictures and video for me and said they had an absolute blast.

I think buying a clearance gingerbread house will have to become a new family tradition!


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