Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rambling update...

Okay, so I know that my blog has turned into the obsessive new mommy picture bragging site.  I will slowly make my way to sharing more about life, recipes, the boys, and other stuff.  But for now, I have family urging me to share pictures.  Friends, asking for pictures.  And this is the quickest way to share pictures with all those people.  So know that I am aware that my mind is focused on this new little being...but I will resume my regular posts slowly but surely! 

Typing with one left hand while nursing, rocking, or snuggling is kind of a pain. So thanks for being patient. 

Life is going smoothly here.  I have recuperated from the whole labor and delivery but I can tell by the end of the day that I haven't rested enough when I get the third child cramping etc.  The big brothers are taking their job a little more seriously each day.  Henry is plopping the nuk in her mouth.  He is calling her Syd instead of Cindy - for now.  Charley holds her like a champ.  Daddy has been home all week and will be home more next week.  I am enjoying him being home so much.  Just having his presence through out the day is a treat.  I was starting to get sad that the time was almost over but then he said he would be home for some of next week and I have perked up again.

I have not been napping like I should be.  I think I am still running on adrenaline..however, she did sleep from 11-8 in two 2 hour chunks and one three hour chunk.  PRETTY DARN IMPRESSIVE Miss Sydney.  Keep it up.  I have a feeling tonight isn't going to be as great.  But we'll see.  I attack nights with a 0-12 month old as a game...what's going to happen, how many hours of sleep will I score etc.  Makes it a little more exciting - that would be the competitive game playing part of me coming out. 

My mom and mother in law gifted us with some frozen meals.  So even though my mom is 6 hours away...we feasted on her homemade lasagna last night and her homemade chicken soup the night before. 

We have had friends popping over to meet her with generous gifts for both Sydney and the boys.  The boys silly band collections have quadrupled in size. And the mail has started getting fun.  I even got a gift from a blog friend that I have never met in real life!  Thanks Brittany! 

My boobs have stopped leaking like they were a few days ago.  I have committed to separating Sydney's laundry whites and light pinks in one load and every thing else in another.  I am thinking of investing in some new laundry baskets to try and simplify the laundry situation here.  You forget how infants go through a few outfits with the spit up, blow outs, and pee surprises during changing. 

So yes, a little focused here on adjusting to being a mommy to this little being plus her two brothers.  But really happy with how things are going so far! 


Raina and Andy said...
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Raina and Andy said...

love EVERY single update. Love the pic of you and sydney together. Make sure you have Ed snap a few of you and her while she's tiny. In 20 years, it will be so special-trust me! I'm a 3rd and there are hardly andy of mom and me together...R

Danifred said...

Much love and many smiles your way. I am enjoy this journey with you, I appreciate you sharing your moments.

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Well, I am not going to complain about all the baby posts and pics. Not at all. I'll tell you every day that I love it! And I'm not even familiy or an IRL friend. But, still, who can get tired of baby pics? LOL!

Crystal said...

Glad you are adjusting well (as well as can be expected!). The napping thing is so hard because I am sure that if you do have a free second to yourself, you want to enjoy it actually doing something. Loving all the updates and baby pictures (and very impressed that you are finding time to blog!)

Stepping On Cheerios said...


That is so wonderful! She is so beautiful! I'm hoping to have add a girl to my 2 sons sometime in 2012...we'll see.

Get those naps in!!! Can't wait to see more photos:)

April said...

Glad you are doing so well! And look how skinny you look already! She looks a lot like Ed, just from all the pictures :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

share on! We love seeing Sydney. You look great by the way. Glad you got your package. Can't wait to see it on.


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