Friday, January 21, 2011

Oreo thoughts...

What do you think?

Charley goes once a week to an after school activity.  Since all of the other kids are in afternoon or full day kindergarten a snack is needed.  One of the kids has a peanut allergy.  This is important because Oreo cookies have been the snack MOST weeks.  I guess they are the ONLY peanut free snack acceptable.   

Now I love me an Oreo cookie - and actually I can't say that statement because I only eat Oreo cookies by the row.  There is no way I can eat just one.  Well, at Charley's after school activity they can't just eat one either. 

No, the average number of Oreo cookies that Charley gets to eat around the 4pm hour is.....drum roll please.....5!  And he is always so excited to go and have snack and it is the first thing he shares. 

Why?  Because we don't typically buy Oreo cookies...and when we do they get one for a dessert.  NOT A SNACK! 

Last night I got there early and noticed they had changed the rationing out of the Oreos..instead of giving them all 5 cookies right off the bat they promised them cookies after each part of the evenings activities..."When we pick up the poster materials you can have an Oreo.  After we practice the play, you can have an Oreo."  

Recently, they changed the meeting time from 3:40-5 to 3:40 until 4:30.  Could this be because eating 5 oreos at 3:40 meant that at 4:30 the kids were all running and hiding from the leaders in the library.  I have a feeling I am the only parent who knows about this fiasco because Charley didn't participate and the mom thought that was so wonderful. 

Anyways, last night was awful in our house.  Charley was in one of his hyper moods which meant that Henry joined in.  His emotions and body could not be controlled.  I ended up putting them to bed by 6:30.  Then it hit was the damn Oreo binge from 3:40-4:30...oh, and they got a sucker too. 

So, advice, do I let it go and just give up on bringing it up with the moms who I COMPLETELY appreicate because I don't have the ability right now to give up the time and energy to volunteer.  Do I send him with his own snack?  He came up with that last night on his own.  Or do I get myself a package of Oreos and binge on them before picking him up so my sugar high hits at the same time?

Grandma arrived today and brought cupcakes.  Charley asked if he could have one for dessert tonight, then he added, "I don't do so well when I have a dessert after dinner."  I told him that once in a while a cupcake from Grandma is a fun treat.  And that I am proud of him for noticing that sugar after dinner isn't working for him these days. 

Oreo reflections...
man I could go for a row right now.

Oh, and still pregnant. 


Anonymous said...

I say be honest with the leader or whoever is in charge of the snack. ask if they could have 1 oreo and some fruit? or even some type of cracker? otherwise bring your own and be THAT mom and explain why. Especially if charleycame up with the idea. RR

Crystal said...

Definitely bring your own since Charley brought it up anyway. I know what you mean about not wanting to bring it up, that is always hard! And you don't want to seem unappreciative ... but I am sure that other moms are having the same issue with kids being a little hyper when they get them home (and not being hungry for dinner either). I am surprised that they give them oreos ... definitely a crowd pleaser, but wow, what a sugar high and not good for you either (although soooo delicious!). Maybe they do it because it's easy for them to buy a big pack and be done with it. At Peyton's school the parents take turns bringing in the snack and the rules are that it can't be homemade and has to be somewhat nutritious. Also no peanuts of course.

We just bought the new football shaped Oreos ... for the kids of course :)

Anonymous said...

Five oreos for a little kid snack; that's crazy! Especially when they are being used as a bribe. Maybe you could just ask some of the other moms if they notice that their kid is kind of wound up after this activity. If some of them agree with you, then casually throw out that maybe it is because they are having cookies for a snack. That way you can suggest that some other snacks, besides oreos, be provided to see if it helps! :)

If that doesn't work then I guess you will just have to be THAT mom, which will work just fine too!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...a tough one! You could give yourself an easier way out this go around with all you have going on right now. YOu could send Charley with his own snack to compliment or replace the Oreos or offer to send something easy for the whole group...yogurt or a healthy mix or something simple (that even Ed would be up for making). Maybe other moms & the volunteers would catch on. Just an idea if you're not up for bringing it up right now.

Or, if you send Charley with his own, just tell them he didn't do well with the Oreos and requested his own. You're being honest and in a way advocating for the moms who don't know what is going on.

I can't imagine this will help you decide what to do at all.


Jennifer said...

Wow, my son would be bouncing up and down as well! I would consider an Oreo a dessert not a snack. Can't they do pretzels, fruit or corn chips?
I'm trying to catch up on your blog. It's been so long but I can finally look at the computer screen without wanting to throw up on it. It's interesting reading about the end of your pregnancy while being at just the beginning. Good luck to you! I'm hoping everything goes as easy as possible for you!

Rebecca said...

5 is a would work for the Crazies either.

"I don't do so well when I have a dessert after dinner." is the cutest thing I have ever heard.

IDK if I would bring it up or not...I wonder if you offered to bring in some cut up fruit or whatever, would they be open to that? Either that or he could bring his own snack, but 9 times out of 10, he'll eat the Oreos too and then no dinner.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Tricky situation. But seriously 5 oreos? Why do they need to bribe the kids to do the activity?
I guess if it were me, I would talk to them, but I would come up with an alternative snack to recommend.
I wouldn't send Charley with his own b/c I think that it would be better to talk to them. kids will say the darndest things and Charley may just tell them why he has his own snack - ackward.
Yes appreciative that they do what they are doing but seriously oreos aren't a snack and 5 is nuts regardless.


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