Thursday, January 20, 2011

No news...

Still a little under the weather. And Henry is coughing too. Makes me sad.

Emotionally crazy here. It was a long day.

Ed is staying home tomorrow, whether baby comes tonight or not.

Mother in law will be heading here tomorrow. Those two things together might allow my body to relax and baby might arrive ON TIME!

Tomorrow is my due date!

I was never this ready with the boys. With the boys I was anxious and excited. But the last two days have been hard for me. Physically I am so uncomfortable, I would like to know how that mom who has had 18 kids can even do that. This third pregnancy has pushed my body to the limit. And I think I even have a stretch mark that has appeared in the last two days. ugh. Emotionally it has been hard too, knowing this is it and wanting it to be done and yet not wanting it to be done.

Anyways, no news to report. My laptop and cameras are coming with me. I will share the news as soon as I can.

And to let you all know, the weather here in MN tonight and tomorrow is INCREDIBLY I figure why would a baby even want to leave the warm cozy secure "sack" as Henry keeps talking about. I figure if my water breaks on the way to the hospital it will immediately freeze and I am assured to make it inside the hospital doors.

Stay warm! Sleep tight!


The Tompkins Family said...

I am eagerly awaiting news! Thinking of you and wishing you an easy delivery.

Meg said...

He/she will be here before you know it! I can totally sympathize. I'm sure you are sick of hearing that, but by this time next week, you'll be holding your newborn baby and pregnancy will seem like a hundred years ago. :). So excited to "meet " your #3!!!

Barb said...

Can you buzz to one of those salons nearby this morning and get a pedicure today - wild new color to start life with your new little love. Are you reading anything fun? Don't buy the People magazine because I got that for you in the hospital. See you SOON I hope.

Crystal said...

The waiting is definitely the hardest part - I feel for you! And I am absolutely cracking up over the idea of your water breaking and instantly freezing! People always told me "oh, the baby will be here before you know it ... enjoy your rest now while you can". And of course I then wanted to punch them in the face because rest with a full term belly (and 2 other children running around) is impossible.

Try not to punch anyone in the face, ok?

Anonymous said...

i woke up sick this am-so of course you're goign to have the baby today, b/c i can't come (sick) to visit with mom right away.... :( i hope for your sake, that baby comes, is healthy and is cute as a button (i know it will!). thinking about you ALL DAY today. RR

The Mama said...

New commenter, been reading for a while. I can't wait to hear that your new little one has made his/her entrance into this world! Good luck!

Laura said...

I returned to your blog just in time! I hope all goes great! I can't wait to see pics!


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