Saturday, January 1, 2011

My word for 2011...

Lots of people are blogging about their 2011 New Years Resolutions, goals, words of the year, plans, etc. etc.

Looking back on my resolutions last year, I do think I did pretty good at finding truth in my own indirect way to many of my resolutions. Many were attempted (finding patience and presence in the moments of mothering).  Many ended up differently than planned (old maternity jeans became the new jeans) And some were started and will finish this year- for sure (because I want my big bathtub back!)

This 2011 year I am kicking it off heavier than I have ever been in my life - all because I am carrying and creating my third little miracle who is going to enter our world, rock it to a core, and within a few weeks we will look back and wonder what life was like without him/her.

The house is actually on the verge of being much less cluttered due to the burst of energy and nesting mood that I have been in.  Ed is busy working on projects that are giving it our touch.  The home we are slowly creating is starting to really bring peace to my heart. 

My blog is smoothly fitting into my day to day life and a new camera sits next to me waiting to challenge my mind.

My mood, my patience, my emotions, my happiness, my anxiety are all over the place due to the excitement coming in the weeks ahead. From moment to moment I am not sure where to expect my sanity will be.  But I realize that I create my day to day reality and it is up to me to make the choice each evening after I walk out of the boys bedroom on how I end the day for myself, so that I am revitalized and ready for them.  Do I..go to bed early for extra rest, spend time with my husband, veg in front of the TV, spend 10 minutes cleaning up the kitchen, read a book, or get a 'to do list' item accomplished. 

So I just don't think it is the right time to set big plans for the year with specific goals that I am going to resolve to accomplish, when from moment to moment, I have no idea where life is going to take me. So I am going to try the word thing this year. And the word I am going to focus on, remind myself of daily, and live by is...

January 1, 2011

 This year I am going to focus on the word create because of the power it holds in finding grace, appreciation, peace, and contentment in my day to day life.  

My reality is my creation. 

And I plan to continue to...

-finish creating this little being that is growing in my belly and make the experience of being a mom of three the best that it can be. 

-create healthy opportunities for my family (eating, activity, exercise, and learning)
-create a cozy home (finish our bathroom, simplify, and more)
-create days with our family in mind so that I find patience, love, and peace more often than the hustle, rush, or stress of going going going. 
-create opportunities for my boys to grow, learn, and realize the values that Ed and I want to instill in them as young men. 
-create the team that Ed and I need to be to raise our children, provide financial stability, and life experience.
-create opportunities to learn more about photography and other hobbies that I come across. 
-create time for myself, one on one time with each child, my husband, my family, and my girlfriends so there is balance in my heart.

So I ask you...what is one of your New Year's resolutions, goals, or do you have a word that is going to sit on your shoulder this year.
Do share!  I love this time of year because it does allow for a fresh start, a new calendar, and the chance to reflect.  


The Gardiner Family said...

I love the idea of a word! I will have to think about it. I am in process of writing my goals. I am tempted to say me as my word. Not to sound selfish, but when I take care of me, I contribute to all the roles I get to play with such a better heart.

Danifred said...

I think create is a perfect word. I love it.
This year, my word is: appreciate!

Rebecca said...

This is words...two resolutions!

Anonymous said...

i don't have a word. i read yours and nodded thinking YES to almost all of it! I honestly haven't thought about what I want out of this next year for myself...maybe it is to let go more often. Be indifferent to things that are not going to REALLY affect me. If this keeps me more sane, everything else should slowly fall into place (well almost!)

Crystal said...

Sounds like a great word for 2011!

I have pondering resolutions and haven't blogged because I am just not sure what I want to say about much of anything these days. I want to blog more but also want to unplug a little and spend more quality time with my husband instead of sitting around on the computer at night. So I ask you, how do you fit blogging into your day? I always intend to blog but then get caught up in reading crap on Facebook, online window shopping, and reading blogs ... then all this time has gone by, I haven't spend time with my husband and haven't blogged either. Really want to make a change!


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