Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday thoughts...too many possibly!

We have had a nice holiday week off from the school routine, but Ed has been working late, and the days get long.  I have NO idea how friends do it, the whole letting their kids stay up past 8pm.  Yes, the idea of them sleeping in appeals to me.  But my boys wake up fresh and are downstairs playing Superhero memory right now at the kitchen table.  But at 7pm I am unleashing some serious witch attitude on them these days, they are tired and usually crash within 10 minutes of leaving their room.  And frankly, the couple of hours I have before conking out myself are serious revitalization time for this almost 37 week pregnant mama.  I treasure having an hour or two before passing out to do something that gives me joy - unrelated to the two busy bopping boys.

Yesterday I dragged them to see the Disney movie Tangled.  LOVED IT - I did.  I felt like Disney made a classic with that movie.  The boys enjoyed it too.  We shared popcorn and held hands at time.

Henry is counting down until his birthday next week on Tuesday.  He will be 3.  He is ready - I am not.  I love his year of 2.  He knows when he is three he will go to preschool.  He will be a big brother.  He will continue to cork us with the things he says and does.

I have done great unloading and loading the dishwasher all week.  Reading a parenting book I got for Christmas reminded me that no matter how tired a mama is - taking the 10 minutes to clean up the kitchen at night can truly impact the entire mood the next morning.  I find much more peace coming down to a kitchen ready for the breakfast rush....a cup of tea sounds that much more relaxing...and the still dark outside hour just seems more cozy when there isn't a heaping pile of dishes caked with dried on mac and cheese, ketchup, and yesterdays scrambled eggs.

I admitted to our neighbors the other day that my boys have been eating a TON of cereal for dinner lately.   They don't eat it so much at breakfast.  But come dinner I am exhausted.  With Ed working late or even if he isn't - I just haven't had the inspiration to cook something more.  The "Brinner" thing is wearing off - who would have thought that "brinner" could get old.  Charley has been known to sadly say, "Mama, why can't you cook something hot."  And my response is usually an excited, "I can make you a piece of toast."  When in my head I am annoyed and wanting to throw his bowl of golden grahams in the microwave and give him something hot to complain about. hahaha!  Just kidding.  The boys have been really good about the cereal for dinner, or the pancakes...or the scrambled eggs....

I really only want to wear sweatpants these days.  I know I am happier if I actually dress in jeans and a shirt that takes some effort.  But man alive, sweatpants are just cozy and right now...cozy is comfortable.

The doc couldn't get me in this week.  Which is fine...but it does leave me wondering if there are any changes.  I will see him next Tuesday, on Henry's birthday.  Since Henry turns 3 on Tuesday - we also signed up for a big brother class next weekend.  The boys will be reminded that it isn't their job to take the baby out of any of the contraptions and bring him/her to me.  They are instead to come tell me if they are concerned about the baby.  I am hoping that Henry is as good at knowing his limits as Charley was...we never had a dragging the baby too mommy moment with Charley as a new big brother.  Henry has a different personality.  I will be curious.

January 1st is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about new years resolutions.  I need to look back and see what mine were for last year.  But I think words that will be in mine this year consist of:  taking each day, enjoying our reality, patience, patience, patience, patience, getting out alone...eventually, savoring every late night feeding, making my husband a lunch each day whether he eats it or brings it home for the next day, and letting the house go for the next couple of months and enjoying the snuggle time, extra board game time with the big boys while I nurse this new little miracle, and figuring out my camera more and more and posting a picture daily.  Hmmm, I am actually impressed, I have quite a few thoughts already.

I got one of these last Christmas and have LOVED them - I ordered them the other day and would love for them to arrive today or tomorrow so I could do one of my favorite things this weekend - fill out a new calendar.  I LOVE filling out calendars! 

Thinking of my sister this afternoon as she takes care of herself.  May we always have each other to remind ourselves that it is the most important thing mama's can do - stay on top of our healthy selves.

I have truly enjoyed blogging this year, I will have to reflect on that sometime in the near future.  But lately I have been emailing with some of the blog friends I have made this last year.  And Ed laughs when I refer to them as friends just like my "real life" friends (Natasha had her baby!  Danifred said....Meghan thinks we should name our baby...Rebecca's twins ...Brandi said... and the list goes on).  But they are.  They are not 50 year old freaky men leading lives of lies as weird entertainment on the internet.  Rather they are amazing women who share their thoughts on their own blogs and take the time to comment, email, inspire, answer questions, and chit chat during the day. 

Savoring these next couple weeks - the boys are at a point where they can get up and head downstairs for a little independent play before I have to roll, yes literally roll, out of bed.  And I know that this is all going to change in a few weeks...mostly looking forward to the rolling not taking as much effort and the warm little snuggler that will curl up on my chest.  But listening to them putter around and "build something for mom" or "play this game" or "shoot this down" or "go hide here" makes me smile - that smile lasts a few moments and then there is usually a crash, some yelling, someone starts crying and that is my cue that the dream is over and it is time to go down and intervene. 

Freezing rain and then snow coming today.  I am going to bundle them up in their PJ's and head to Target to get our New Years groceries RIGHT NOW before breakfast and I am going to be the thing I rarely do...and promise them the donut of their choice if they are good shoppers.  Because I want to get there and back before the world becomes a slick slippery mess.  Then we are home for the day and I am not going to put expectations on how much TV we should or shouldn't watch, how much wii we should or shouldn't play, how long they want to play in the luke warm bath with their science tools, how many jelly belly beans I am going to sneak (let's be real - I already ate my holiday stash).  Today is going to be great! 


Shell said...

And I just felt like I had a chat with a good friend. :)

You are getting so close now!!! Live in sweatpants- it's the thing to do in winter.

The Tompkins Family said...

I am so glad we're "blog friends"! I enjoy our little chats back and forth.

I am a firm believer that the house must be neat and tidy before I go to bed. There is nothing worse than waking up to chaos...instantly puts me in a bad mood!


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