Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Frosty Friday Ramblings...

The week was not what we expected. Henry didn't quite get sick but he looked run down at times and had moments of a running nose or a little cough. But his energy was not depleted and his appetite still impressed. So we cancelled many outings and hurried home after dropping Charley off at school to bake cookies, play Memory, and watch Xmas cartoons.

We began baking Christmas cookies on Wednesday after my 32 week doc appointment on Tuesday, where my weight hadn't changed from four weeks ago (I know, incredible given that I didn't hold back at 2, YES 2, amazing Thanksgiving meals). I also was given the news that I passed my glucose test and had a hemoglobin reading that was very impressive. Babies heartbeat was a good 150 and the doc witnessed the morphing my belly does when baby decides to groove in there.

This morning we couldn't pass up the Cookie exchange, brought to you by the neighborhood Moms Club we are part of. You can not imagine how wonderful it feels to be welcomed into someone's home by a bunch of moms all looking to escape the hum drum chores that keep us busy during the day. There is no judgement when you are hauling your almost 3 year old inside in tears, looking frazzled. A cup of coffee, some chit chat, and a chance for our littles to play. Henry didn't leave my side - he was feeling clingy and missed his big brother. But, we came home with a plate of yummies to nibble all weekend.

This afternoon I ditched the boys with a good friend and made my last run up to St. Paul for a haircut. The drive is going to keep me from venturing there for the next few months. I am going to find someone who can cut my hair more local until baby is here and less attached to my boob. So I gave a hug to Marissa and said, "See you soon!"

My drive home was a little more treacherous. The snow started and everyone was driving way slower - so impressed. Being home keeps me off the roads most days after 3 pm. So to drive the Friday start to rush hour in the snow, made me realize, how blessed we are that Ed arrives home safe every night. There are so many people going here and there. And when you factor in the snow - it just gets to be such a volatile situation. You just never know about the other drivers.

We travelled last weekend and the two weekends prior to that Ed was off prepping for hunting or hunting. So I am looking forward to tomorrow morning when we wake up to a snow covered winter wonderland (expected to get 8 fluffy inches), some hot coffee brewing, and all of us under one roof. I wish we had our Christmas tree already, but maybe that will be what gets us out of the house tomorrow.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
Happy Holiday Weekending!

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Shell said...

8 inches???? That's crazy.


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