Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Hit play and enjoy this tune while you keep reading!

On November 16th the new Norah Jones album titled Featuring became available! 
I was a lucky blogger who got a copy in advanced so I could listen and share my thoughts on the CD.
I am not a professional CD reviewer - so I can just tell you what I thought.

Norah Jones has always been a favorite.  Her old CD Come Away With Me is still a favorite that I put on and listen to during the dusk hours when the boys are running havoc in the house and I am trying to be mellow and make dinner and finish the day.  A glass of wine is always a great accompaniment. 

After I received the CD Featuring, I popped it in and must have had my player on shuffle because song 4 came on and how ironic that it is still my FAVORITE on the CD.  It features Willie Nelson  and Norah singing the song Baby It's Cold Outside. 

The CD has 18 tunes showing her range and ability to enjoy all types of music.  It definitely has songs that I like more than others but when you have a CD loaded with 18 songs you know you are going to find a good number that you love.  The wide variety of artists she teams up with shows her diverse musical abilities.

It was once again a CD that I put on and forgot I was supposed to be listening to because it was easy and consistent. 

A definite holiday stocking stuffer! 

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The Tompkins Family said...

What a great this version of the song too!! Might have to head over to iTunes.


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