Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ed conquers Home Depot with E-bug!

Ed reminded me on Friday that it was Home Depot's Kid Workshop this weekend when Eli was visiting.  I reminded him that Raina said Eli was a busy boy and that he probably wasn't ready to sit still for this (I hadn't seen him since the end of July).  Ed insisted that he could do Eli if we all helped with Henry and Charley.  DEAL!  When we got there Uncle Ed hoisted Eli onto his lap and put a hammer in his hand and away they went.  I have never seen two more serious builders. 

While Ed was being Uncle Ed with Eli...I was supposed to be helping Henry...however, he was doing pretty well on his own.

Aunt Raina took on Charley and they were busy assembling the spice rack.

But when Charley proudly presented his finished product they realized that they had done something wrong.  So Daddy disassembled , Charley reassembled, and the rest of us all giggled.  (Seriously Raina, so funny, and I have had to have Ed take over when I am helping due to the same types of things). 

After all the building we wandered the aisles waiting while Uncle Ed got a few necessities.  My mom and sister wandered off with the three boys and I stood watch at the center of the store nibbling Halloween packets of M & Ms.  When everyone was missing for far too long I wandered deeper into the store and found the three boys sitting and sharing a snack together. 

What a fun outing - and so special to have Eli there to add to the excitement!


Anonymous said...

how freaking cute is this?! wow. what a special outing!! i often wonder if lily would like doing this with daddy!

Anonymous said...

it was such a special outing!!! i can't believe you got to post this before me sarah!!!!! I have some cute shots too i might blog it anyways. Thanks to Ed! So cute!!!!! sorry to charley for mixing up his project-classic i guess. peggy-lily would LOVE this. there was a dad there with 4 kids (one was a baby) and i think two of his kids were girls!! RR

Shell said...

What a fun day!


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