Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Word from the "Bird" on Grandpa Bob...

This young man is much older now, but I LOVE this picture of him.  He is walking and talking and very busy.  A little bird told me that he had some special Grandpa Bob time this weekend. 

My dad amazes me.  Whenever we visit he has at least one or more moments where he relieves my mom and I and keeps my boys busy with some creative activity.  Whether it is building car ramps with two-by-fours or building roads/cities with ropes.  When they are tiny he takes them for walks around the block.    Balancing a babe on his knee comes natural.  And their safety is not a worry because my dad is always reminding me of the hazards around. 

The little "Bird" told me that Eli had Grandpa Bob, and only Grandpa Bob, as his babysitter last Saturday night.  He kept Eli busy and put him to bed.  When Eli arrived there were little brown lunch bags with toys in them scattered around the house.  He had filled the bags and set them out for busy little Eli to discover.  HOW CUTE IS THAT! 

That's my dad.  That's Grandpa Bob!


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

that is WAY cute!! something i'm not sure my parents would think of. your parents are so creative and thoughtful and truly amazing!! something to be sooo thankful for!!
might have to steal grandpa bob's idea this winter on a dull day!!

Barb said...

AND when I got home around 9:15 pm, there were the bocce balls on the living room rug. In the morning Grandpa told me to "be careful with those so the little guy doesn't pinch his fingers". I told Grandpa that I put those balls away. Eli is strong and likes to throw!! Fun was had by all.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! that is so funny. i had no clue about the bocce balls. Grandpa bob is awesome. good post. RR


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