Monday, October 4, 2010

A Monday Minute...

  • We are primed for another beautiful fall week here in Minnesota. The sun should shine every day this week. Carpool is out the window and we will be enjoying the walk to and from school.  Because the catching up with mom's while waiting for Charley to emerge and the hand that slides into my palm as we meander home is priceless.  These.  Yes, these. Are. the days.

  • Charley kicked off the week with a field trip to the apple orchard...did any Kindergartner's apples make it home without bruises? Yikes!

  • Henry and I did a little grocery shop and then spent the morning puttering around at home. He has a cold, that has gotten a little worse with our fun weekend away, and so I am trying to tone down our week so that he can rest.

  • Last night he slept in his big boy bed in Charley's room. He did great. I threw a swimmer's noodle under the sheet along the outside edge of his bed so he won't roll out. Worked slick!
Nuk weaned, daytime diapers - gone, big boy bed - success! Baby can come anytime now!

  • Ham and Corn Chowder Soup tonight. Love it!

1 1/2 cups milk
1 can of cream of celery soup
1/2 cup cubed ham
16 oz. frozen corn (off the cob frozen is best)
and 2 green onions chopped to garnish

I tripled it and we will freeze what is left over tonight for lunch.

  • We spent the weekend away...more on that soon.  But coming home yesterday I had a sense of peace and anticipation for the week ahead.  Even with Henry's little cold, Ed's cold, etc.  Being away from the house and having a change of scenery makes a HUGE difference for a stay-at-home mom. 
  • Lamps, candles, piano music, and soup simmering on the stove make for calm Fall evenings.
  • The bathroom visits in the middle of the night have gone from 1 to 3 really fast. 
Very. Very. Annoying.
  • More to blog really soon!  Just need to catch some zzz's and put these pregnant feet up...oh and I am totally sucked into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book.  Man, it gets good once you get in a ways!


The Tompkins Family said...

I will have to give Girl with the Dragon Tattoo another shot. I only made it in a few chapters and then gave up and the book had to be returned to the library. Everyone raves about it but I just couldn't concentrate on it!

Barb said...

Soup sounds wonderful! Don't forget to share your white chili recipe with me one of these days. Stay cozy.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Way to go, Henry! Hope he sleeps well again tonight. That noodle trick is such a great idea!

Oh, made those banana bit pancake things you blogged about once. Uncle Mike made them for the boys??? Tommy loved them!


Danifred said...

That soup sounds awesome! I just love this time of year!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Go Henry for sure!!
Not sure when to do big girl bed here..but not really going to push it since i figure i don't have to.
Also-I have a similar corn chowder recipe w/ham and use a can of cream corn instead of cream of celery and it just makes it more corny. haha. i just said corny!

April said...

I am planning on making the corn chowder tonight! Can't wait :)


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