Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking advantage...

The weather continues to be beautiful and Henry's cough continues to bug him, mainly in the mornings. The boys consistently wake just prior to 6 am which means that after Henry and mama have mornings of puttering around, running errands, or enjoying friends and Charley has worked hard at Kindergarten we settle in for calm afternoons. I have been working hard at keeping our afternoons routine and quiet. Lunch, a cartoon, some inside play, and then we head out for some fresh air.

The summer like temperatures have us taking advantage of the ability to change things up mid afternoon and head outside.

Last week we started to rake a bit and my pregnant energy was enough to make an acceptable leaf pile.

They had worked up an a bird nest was constructed and a snack was served.

And then we settled onto a blanket.  I stapled up some little books and grabbed our markers and crayons.  The boys had to illustrate (and Charley had to label) some fall symbols...leaf, pumpkin, apple tree, rake, etc. It was a nice way to take in the beautiful fall day and our happy backyard.  The boys were occupied with this little craft for almost an hour, and I know a huge part of this was because I was sitting beside them not distracted by housework, cell phones, computers, or anything else. 

Charley who typically isn't into drawing, coloring, etc. wanted to do more so he ran around the yard drawing things and I had to guess what they were. 

Reminder to self - giving myself to the boys for a good chunk of time is really worth it - for them and me!  And these fall temps are most likely going to end soon and around here, unfortunately, I am guessing that the summer temps will go right to winter temps.  Oh, how I would love some 50-60 degree days.  Please!


Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing pictures of my little left handed godson!!!!! RR

Malika said...

I love Fall leaf pictures!! I can't wait to rake up a bunch for my son to dive into. And this weather has been amazing!

Jennifer said...

The leaf nest picture is so adorable. Making the little books is such a wonderful project. Your boys are so lucky to have a mom like you.

Danifred said...

Tot has been begging to jump in leaves. Unfortunately, they are still attached to the trees here. Looks like your guys had a ton of fun!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Love the leaf nest. Nothing like jumping in the leaves:)


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