Sunday, October 10, 2010

Put a hop in your step...

Alright friends, it is Sunday afternoon and even though the boys are stir crazy, Ed is enjoying the Packers and I am already busy nesting.  I have managed to get all of Henry's stuff out of his old room and moved into Charley's room.  Still needing a few organizational cures for some clothing because we are going from one dressers to one...but we are almost set. 

So I took a break to check on Facebook and a friend posted this video and man did it make me want to watch all those old movies.  It also gave me a little more energy to finish up the mess I have going in the BABY room - it is hitting me as I find the mobile, sleepers, and little swaddle blankets - we are going to have another little one cooing and kicking.

I think I will watch this first thing tomorrow morning too...just might put a hop in my step.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw that video somewhere before!!! Makes you want to dance!!! RR

Barb said...

FUN! Puts a wiggle in your butt. Also love all of your great photos in your last couple of blogs.


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