Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween craft...if we can do can you!

Last week while we were trying to lay low we decided to give a craft, a real craft, a go. I have plenty of jars on hand because we aren't going to get our big applesauce extravaganza in this year. The boys and I pulled out our Halloween decorations recently and I would love to add to our small collection without spending a lot of money. So when I saw this post from Amy on New Nostalgia, I was intrigued.

The boys were totally capable of helping with this project.  I cut the tissue paper and the faces out.  They painted the jars with the goop and laid the tissue paper on.   They also painted the rim at the top green.  We also made two ghosts using white tissue paper!  You can go here for better directions.

We made our soon to be family of 5! 



Shell said...

Adorable! Maybe I will try these with my boys!

The Tompkins Family said...

These are so cool! I'm going to bookmark this and do it next year when Samara is older.

Jennifer said...

Oh these are fantastic!!! I'm going to try to do this with my guys! Thanks for sharing. By the way I LOVE your banner.


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