Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pondering the park...

This week was beautiful and as I fell asleep last Sunday I had a list a mile long of how we would spend our afternoons...the orchard, parks, the zoo, enjoying our yard, etc. And then when it came down to it our early mornings and Henry's little cold had us enjoying more quiet afternoons.

However, one afternoon we went to a favorite park.

We hiked...

This is what I get when I ask them to pose....

We brought along our stale bread to feed the fish.

And then we played at the park.  I can see that Kindergarten has made Charley very brave when it comes to playgrounds.  He no longer plays by the rules and instead is scaling the elements how he chooses.  (I will capture during our next trip)

Henry was so proud of this silly stunt. 

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Grandma Charlie said...

Ah, ha! So that's why Charley ran to our "swing set" and said he could go across the monkey bars all by himself now!! Growing up, watching what other kids do.....happy for him that he gave it a try.


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