Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am my father's daughter

And yesterday as I talked to my mom, at one point she said, "How are you my daughter?" and the answer...
"I'm not...
I am my father's daughter."

Today is my dad's birthday.  And my mom has been waiting all week to hear how he wanted to spend his day.  Did I hear her wondering about this all week when I talked to her...YES.  Did it register?  No.  So today as I was looking ahead at next week I saw that next Saturday was his birthday and thought,

Oh, yes!  I am going to get something in the mail on Monday and it will be there early.  Score!

See I have these weekly calendar things that I fill out for each week and then post on our fridge.  And I had my dad's birthday written for Oct. 16 next week. 

However, yes, you guessed it.  His birthday is today, October 9th.

So yesterday when I was talking to her and she was still waiting to figure out how he wanted to celebrate his special day it clicked. 

I was once again going to fail at the birthday recognition thing.

My mom is queen of getting things in the mail--birthday cards,  thank you notes, friendship cards, packages.

I am not.  I vow to strive to be better.  I make resolutions.  I try different organizational techniques.  But I still screw up and fail. 

So once again, his birthday mail will be late from us. 
But not because I wasn't thinking about his big day.  I was.  I just thought I had more time.  
However, I think if my dad was left to his own devices...birthday cards, thank you notes, friendship cards, and packages would not happen timely.  So...let's just say...

I am my father's daughter.
In many more ways than this one. 
And so instead of being timely with his birthday card...I am going bigger!  
I am sending him gorgeous summer weather for his October birthday, so he can take out his little red convertible and put the top down and feel the wind in his hair.  Oh, and that wind...that's from me.  I am blowing the wind your way really hard here in Minnesota - ALL. DAY. LONG. 

And here are a few cottage shots from this past summer that I never shared of a fishing excursion he took our family on.

Happy Birthday, dad! 
Your mail celebration from us will come next week!

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