Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charley!

Kids are so excited about their birthdays...but I think as moms we catch our breath on our child's birthday. 
We realize how long the days often seem, but yet as another birthday passes we are left wondering where the years are going and why they keep picking up speed. 

It seems like just yesterday when this little guy turned 1. 
And today he turns 6.
As he headed back to school after a nice fall break I yelled, today is your first day of Kindergarten as a 6 year old.  And he proudly smiled and nodded. 
My first son is now out of the first five years of life stage and is now coming up quickly on the double digits.

So today I will share 6 (and only 6 of the infinite number) things that I LOVE about this boy...

1.  I love that he tenderly loves his brother.  Whether it is taking his hand, sharing his toys, keeping watch, not leaving him out, or wanting to come home after school instead of going on a play date because he knows Henry is waiting and anticipating his big brother's arrival.

2.  I love that he is growing up into a fine young man in his own time, but without too much of a struggle...whether it was going from breast to bottle, diapers to potty chair, crib to big boy bed, preschool to kindergarten, non-reader to has been pure joy watching him grow and progress. 

3.  I love how he eats like a champ.  He has always eaten without being too picky or complaining much.  I love that I can send things like carrots, grapes, bananas, pears, celery, cucumbers, apples, broccoli, and oranges to school for snack and he enjoys them all.  Lucky.

4.  I love how he is beginning to show me more and more that I can trust his choices in friends and activities.  I don't have to spend as much time figuring these choices out myself.  I can follow his lead and am realizing that he does know who he is comfortable with, who he enjoys, and what he likes to spend his time doing. 

5.  I love that as much as he enjoys playing Star Wars, Legos, and other boy things with his boy friends; he also has a solid base of girl friends who he enjoys just as much.  His first playgroups were all girls and many of them are still some of his most special friends.  I love that he sees beyond the pink and pigtails and enjoys all kiddos. 

6.  I love that he has always been a pretty good sleeper.  He napped until he was more than 4 years old.  Bedtime has always been very routine.  And lately, he is able to room with his rambunctious little brother and settle him down at night so they both fall asleep rather quickly and smoothly. 

There are tons more that I could list here.  But I am going to keep it at 6 because his time is up playing his new Cars Wii game with his daddy and brother.  And bedtime should have been 45 minutes ago.  He has a pile of new books and the choices are amazing...I wonder what he will read about, his body, places around the world, how things work, or an adventure with the Magic Tree House kids. 

Happy Birthday my son...even if you push me a little each day to increase my patience or creativity, I know that this time in my life as your mother, still living in my nest, is precious and passing by so fast.  And soon enough you will spread those wings of yours and soar out on your own.  So I will treasure the challenge of being your mama and take a moment tonight to sigh and realize that your birthday was also my first BIRTH day and you changed my world in such amazing ways on October 25, 2004. 

Your mama 


Anonymous said...

very special and sentimental. LOVE it! but not as much as I love that little boy. RR

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah! I can hardly remember him as that little baby in the picture! Time is flying!

Happy Birthday, Charley!

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!!!

Colleen said...

Love the 1st birthday picture. Fabulous post. Can't believe you're a mom of a six year old! You have done a fantastic job and are a role model for many.


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