Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Thoughts

1.  Looking for a way to make some crabby kiddos happy at lunch or dinner hour.  Remember this idea...

2.  The weather has been absolutely dreamy this week.  The mornings have been filled with crisp walks to school with my boys.  The afternoons have been filled with brotherly fun inside and out.  I gave mowing a go and got halfway.  Parks were visited.  Crafts done.  Windows were open, breezes blew in, and ....

3.  Henry slept wonderfully in his big boy bed with his brother Charley in the room.  I can not share how proud I am of my two boys because I can't find the words.  But Charley has fallen asleep like a champ whether Henry struggled or not.  He talked Henry to calmness and the boys fell asleep independently all week.  Mornings...a little more sticky.  Yesterday they slept til 6:30!  Woo hoo!  Today 5:45...not such a woo hoo morning at the moment.

4.  A gal in our ECFE class shared that if your child is afraid of public restrooms because of the automatic flushers....carry post it notes in your purse.  Smack one on the sensor and you have eliminated the source of anxiety!

5.  Apples are the snack of the month here.  I am enjoying a couple a day.  The boys also don't hesitate.  We must get more apples today!

6.  I added a couple new favorite songs to my music player at the bottom of the blog.  

7.  The boys and I got our craft on yesterday.  We have a few finishing touches but I am so excited to share our is an actual craft that will decorate our house for years to come.  So proud.  I am on the look out for some teeny pumpkins for another holiday craft...but I am vowing that Henry and I stay put this morning and putter at home.  So the search will not continue this morning.

8.  However, I am yearning for a caramel apple...I LOVE them.  So maybe we will have to hop in the car.  The local chocolate factory makes them and they are the best.  One year when I was teaching I shared that I loved caramel apples and a student brought me one...but failed to leave a note telling me who it was from.  So when I asked no one came forward and it became this big thing and I started getting mystery caramel apples on my desk almost daily for the month of October.  It was such a yummy and class bonding month...the kids were all into who was surprising their teacher.  Such delicious memories.

9.  A unique giveaway and a review of a fun CD are coming up here at the For the Love of Naps.  Stay tuned!

10.  Happy Friday!  May your weekend be filled with contentment, an apple treat or two, and some fine family moments in the sun. 


Kim said...

Great List! inspired me to make one of my own today!

Kristine said...

That was a great idea for picky eaters! Thanks for sharing!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Love the trick of the post it notes, yes it does work wonders.
Did you get that caramel apple you were wanting?

Danifred said...

I'm been dying to get some crafts done with the girls and I'm hoping that once we get done with our funk we'll be able to have some fun!

Rebecca said...

I kind of crush on people who use the word "dreamy." I've heard the Post-In note thing before and thought it was ridiculous until I saw a little girl have a complete meltdown in a public restroom...where they didn't have automatic flushers. Those things have traumatized those poor kids!!!


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