Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corn crazy!

Two weeks ago I gave Groupon a shot.  Have you heard of Groupon...this new (well new to me) coupon/discount site that emails you deals occurring in your area on a daily basis.  A nearby Corn maze came up and I couldn't resist.  Ed doubted the whole thing, but I think when we gave the gal at the entrance our 3 tickets that we paid only 5 dollars each for (instead of the $11) he was proud of the deal I scored. 

Even Ed and I couldn't resist the therapeutic experience and had to jump in. 

And lately life is getting so much easier with these two big boys.  And I find myself wondering why are we putting ourselves back to the days of infant dealings...and then my boys pose for a picture and their hug is so tight that I worry they are going to hurt each other and I realize - THAT is exactly why.  Because they are both so excited to open up their arms a little wider and embrace this new little sibling! 


The Tompkins Family said...

Looks like such a fun day!

Anonymous said...

awwww love the last part about the boys hugging eachother so tight. amazing how they come into eachothers lives. LOVE to see them together. RR

Anonymous said...

That looks so fun!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you with an infant.



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