Sunday, October 10, 2010


Henry is growing up so fast.  Thank goodness I have this little kicker in my tummy reminding me that I get to do it all ONE. MORE. TIME.  because otherwise I would be sick to my stomach everyday realizing that this stage is passing us by so fast.  Granted, we had a list to accomplish before baby arrived and we pretty much ticked all of it off in the last month or so. 

Henry got rid of the nuk and it was the hardest of all the things on the list.  But that is gone.  And he is aware that the baby is going to have them and his job in the car will be to pop that little magical bugger into the new little beans mouth.

He has been walking Charley to school each day, walking home, walking to pick him up, and walking to bring him home.  I would say we are getting a slow walk (probably 30 minutes) in each day.  So good for me.  Some days he rides his trike or this car.  But as you can see...he is potty trained.

Look at those little Thomas bvds sticking out.  Can't get enough of those little things.

At grandma's last weekend we discovered that he can't do pack and plays anymore.  He stretches the length and wakes himself up all too often.  We brought his sleeping bag and he camped out on the floor with his brother the second night.  He did great.  Here he is...

Upon arriving home we moved him to his big boy bed located IN Charley's room.  And for the most part (minus the early mornings) they are doing great as roommates.  Tonight I moved Henry's clothes in.  It is becoming "OUR" room when Charley talks.  I love that they are going to share.  Still have a few decorating and organizing things to figure out but we are on a roll. 

On another note....

So, we have accomplished our list and we still have 15 weeks to solidify these habits so they don't backslide when this next one comes into the picture and causes a stir.  Do you all realize that I have 15 weeks left and in that time you have to figure out what your child is going to be for Halloween, get the costume, celebrate Halloween, celebrate Thanksgiving, GET ALL YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING done, and ring in the new years...and I will still have about 21 days to tear down the holiday crap (which isn't crap until you have to take it down).   I'm just throwing that out there so that I am not the only one laying awake every night from 3-4:30 worrying about all that has to occur in such a short time period. 


One Take On Life - Heather said...

I love this time of year! I get excited for all that is to come, but it doesn't stress me out.
Presents can be tricky for some, but it will get done.
Come January I always get bummed out that the magical time of year with family Oct - Dec is done.
But right now it is all ahead of us and I love that. It is such a fun time of year.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! all of a sudden #3 will be here and we won't be able to imagine life without #3! i can't wait. RR

Barb said...

Henry has been such a big boy these last couple of months - you should be so proud of him!

Anonymous said...

If you potty trained a boy, got him to sleep in a big boy bed, moved his room, sent another off to kindergarten, you can totally pull off the holiday stuff. Easy breezy!


Anonymous said...

I had a baby on Jan 11th and my mom who came to help out got to take down the "Christmas crap", esp. the tree (since we screwed up and got a tree with sharp needles and not soft).
And I will admit ONLY TO YOUR BLOG that I really did it on purpose (left it, knowing that she would deal with it!)

Rebecca said...

That last paragraph made me want to throw up.

I have to accomplish all of those things with my kids (minus the moving rooms) and I'm petrified.

Love those little underpants!

Jennifer said...

You and Henry have accomplished so much. I just love those thomas underwear. I'm looking forward to taking ours out of storage for Isaiah!
Yeah, holidays are so busy and I can't quite imagine doing it all with 2 little ones and being pregnant but I have a feeling you'll do just fine and have a bunch of great posts to prove it. : )


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